Last night I went photoshooting and dinner-ing with the usual bunch of lovely folks 🙂 I had a great time! Also, it was the first time I had soju and apparently my face was really red 😦 I did drink on an empty stomach though… I know I can’t handle that stuff well when my stomach is empty. Actually, I probably can’t handle that stuff well full stop. I was probably tipsy at the karaoke party 2 years ago but never realised it. Now when I think back, I didn’t even realise I lost an earring, a shoe was broken, and that I giggled uncontrollably to people I barely talked to.

Anyway, I’m not going to post all the photos I took. If you want to see the “set” you should go check my Facebook. And if I don’t have you on Facebook, this will just have to do 😛

No photoshop. Effects were produced by camera 😀

The concept for this photoset is that the city is NOT dead at night time, which is the opposite of the council’s idea of the nightlife in Sydney. I think it’s still very much alive and I wanted to show it in the photos. Also I had a lot of fun shaking my camera around 😀 It was awesome! Thanks to L for teaching us all how – then again, I’m surprised that my camera could even do it :O

There were a lot of people around at night time, so it’s not just me taking photos of friends and pretending the city is alive- there are a lot of people who go clubbing, drinking or whatever at night.

Reminds me, we ended up seeing this guy passed out on the street LOL. If you want to see how it is in Korea, check out Black Out Korea – it’s HILARIOUS!

Anyway, great fun!


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