Today I did something terrible. You wouldn’t believe it, but it has to do with the words “charity” and “telemarketer”.

I know. Those two words are not mutually exclusive, what’s more, that’s gotta be a weird combo.

I received a home phone call at 6:30pm – now, usually normal institutes are not open at 6:30. They CLOSE at 5pm already. I’m surprised that someone was calling, and when I answered it was from Heart something Australia. I was then subject to about 1 minute of monotonous read for word speech which subsequently lead to buying raffle tickets where I could end up shopping in Melbourne or get a $5000 Coles Voucher.

The terrible thing I did was just say “sorry but no thank you” and promptly hung up.

Charities taken to phone calls is just getting too far. There is absolutely no way I can verify who the other person is on the other line, and whether or not it’s really a registered charity I’m talking to. I’ve gotten wayy too many phone calls lately where I am talking to a computer which are phone calls leading to scams.

If it really was a charity, they would definitely advertise it to the masses, like the Door Knock appeal – it’s always fully advertised, so you know if someone knocks on your door, it’s for the appeal. Whether or not you choose to donate is up to you, but at least you know who/ where they are coming from. Flyers show phone numbers to call (legit) and a website for more information. Advertisements are trustworthy. The people you see at your shopping centre are also likely to be trustworthy. Unfortunately, telephone calls, are not.

I think what annoyed me more was the speech she put me through – “young children as young as 15 are showing signs of heart disease and we are trying to find a cure” – fair enough, enough with fishing for sympathy, why not say “5 month olds” instead? I really didn’t need the stats or anything. All she needed to do is say “I am calling from X and we are trying to raise funds to Y. Would you like to support us by doing Z? If you’d prefer, I can give you a phone number or a website for more information.”

There, you’ve killed it in 30 seconds. I don’t feel bad for hanging up, and you don’t need to waste your time on someone who is not interested. Dude, I am not going to give out my card details over the phone from someone who is scouting for donations for… a raffle ticket competition?

I’m sorry, I support charities 100% (make that 110%), but telemarketing is getting that teeny wee bit too far.


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