Missha Skin Changer Sugar Scrub (with apple vinegar) – DISCONTINUED

I know it’s really quite pointless to review a discontinued product, but I think it’s one of the best things I’ve spent my money on.

$21.90AUD at Missha – back in the days. Or, you can find this online, at some places.

I repeat, this product is now discontinued – as in, Missha no longer produces the product in the above image’s packaging.

What intrigued me to buy this was back in those days when I got a sample of this stuff. The SA told me that it was good for blackheads.

I went home, squeezed out the sample into a jar, and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it smelled- it’s sugar, what do you expect? Even my mum thought it had a nice smell. The thing that makes this product a bit different is that it has apple vinegar in it, which is good for you in various ways. For some reason, when I showed this product to my friend, she commented that it smelled foul -_- I think she has a bit of a problem with her smelling. I can smell people’s BO just walking past them, and she can’t. So she has a really big difference in smelling ability >_> But anyway. I digressed.

I went back to Missha and purchased the full sized thing. To me, it was pretty expensive back in the days (this was over 3 years ago) since there were other exfoliators out there that cost only like $7AUD. But then again one of the best exfoliators I’ve used was a Christian Dior one, and that was because it smelled heavenly and it was my mum’s 😡 I ended up finishing up her bottle LOL – we never bothered to go back for more cuz we don’t know what product that one has evolved into by now. I DIGRESSED AGAIN.

This stuff, used along with either a rubber scrubbing pad (the blackhead scrubbers) or just with your fingers will leave your skin smooth and baby soft.

The sugar bits will help to exfoliate the skin, and it will melt in at the same time. When slightly wet, it turns a bit milky (reminds me of the Shu Uemura cleansing oil effect).

Your skin will be slightly oily at the end after you rinse, but I usually fix this with either another course of cleanser, a mud based mask (to soak up the oil) or you could just leave it, but make sure you remove all traces of oil with your trusted toner and cotton. Just make sure you rinse well.

This stuff is quite good for reducing the look of blackheads without having to squeeze or rip things off your nose. It’s quite mild and gentle for the skin too, which is a plus. If used correctly, it can help calm down your skin, especially if you are experiencing dry, flakey patches.

Missha no longer sells this, and for good reason. It’s quite expensive, in the respect that I paid for 50g only. This is what you’ll find at Missha instead:

$25.90AUD at Missha (85g)

You get more product for just a slightly higher price nowadays, but minus the apple vinegar. You also get a glass jar, which is classier than the plastic packaging in the first image. I am assuming this stuff works just as effectively, and that the cacao/ chocolate one should be similar to the Zamier Cacao scrub. Don’t take my word for it, but since they are both made of cacao, I wouldn’t be surprised.

I’d recommend the Skin Changer scrub if you could get your hands on it. It’s really a worthwhile product to have. I’m running out, which is why I ordered a Skinfood Rice scrub. I’ll post on how well that works.

Another Missha exfoliator that is available is the Super Aqua Peeling Gel. I have that too, and I think I will review it. It’s a different perspective to exfoliation, and it’s quite an interesting product.

Until next blog!


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