Remember the post I talked about the Nikon FT2?

I received a Nikon camera strap in the mail today to replace the yucky one as you can see above. It was only $2.99 from ebay inc shipping because I was the only bidder 😀

But anyway, the point of bringing it up again was because it did not belong to my late grandfather. In fact, I don’t know why I assumed it. I was worried my parents weren’t going to let me touch it because of that – but it turns out, it wasn’t the case. Then thinking about it, he was too cheapo to buy an SLR 😡 Sorry pops.

Anyway, my mum told me how the camera actually came about, and it was about some 20 years ago when my dad was working and a bunch of delinquents/ gangsters/ whatever you want to call them forced my dad into buying the SLR for about $200AUD. With no other choice, my dad bought it, but apparently nobody has tried to use the camera before since they didn’t know how to work a manual.

As weird as the story sounds, I’m going to file this under LOL because I had no idea that was why we had the camera. For some reason I assumed that the camera was damaged from importing it from overseas from HK. Guess not.


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