Current song: Falling U – T-ara
Note: T-ara’s “Absolute First Album” is quite good – half are disco playable tracks, while the other half are balladish. Don’t even need to say, I like ballads best esp if they are sad sounding lol. “Jongeun Salang” is a good song ❤

Hmmmmm. This is going to be semi-rant/ pointless post because I haven’t been able to do much lately. I’m going to type whatever comes into my head, and it’s all really random and disjointed – if you can’t follow me, then… sorry 😛 I realise I tend to do that quite a bit… I get lost in my own thoughts and only feed people fragments that don’t join together or make sense.

I’m up to episode 14 of IRIS and I need MOAR – rawr! The problem is it hasn’t finished airing in Korea anyway, so oh well, I’ll just have to wait.

I’m also currently watching He who cannot marry (The Unmarried man). It’s like a Korean 40 year old virgin. I haven’t seen the movie before (40 year old virgin, that is), but I’m enjoying the drama at the moment – it’s really funny! Only up to episode 6. Watching it though gives me scary thoughts of where I’d end up at that age. The guy is just so eccentric and doesn’t get along with anyone!

Anyway, since it’s summer and all, today is the first time in ages I remember doing my super exfoliation and what not. Recently my skin has gone really dry in parts, and oily in others. In the dry areas, I’m getting pimples! Small, but they annoy me and I tend to scratch my face because I can’t stand bumps! Ugh… my face is like a warzone at the moment. Thankfully, it’s only like half my face… then again this happens every year. I should get used to it by now, but I can’t remember each time what I did to end the mayhem. Biotherm used to work its magic, but now that they’ve changed the product lines, I am doubting it is half as effective as before. The moisturiser bears quite a similar resemblance, but it’s lighter… and I think a lot more drying. UGH. I’m now going ahead with Shiseido moisturiser regardless of the freaking pimples. Surprise, it has made it a little better. To ease the depression of bumpy yucky skin, I exfoliated with apple cidar vinegar and brown sugar, and slapped on a seaweed mud mask. Hopefully this makes things better. I hate summer!

I was having a Wall-to-wall with C about Christmas celebrations and coming to think of it, I really don’t remember what I did last year or the year before. Wait, actually, I think I do, but most Christmas days end in disaster or unease. I remember I think 3 years ago I found myself half-crashing into someone’s house (I didn’t know them personally) and it was HELLA awkward. I think last Christmas I stayed at home and did nothing. Like always. Bleh – we don’t celebrate Christmas (except for the gift buying, which we do – for ourselves), and rarely will there be a chance that I have someone else to share Christmas with.

Argh I’m so bored D: I don’t remember life being this boring. Probably because the people I talk to usually aren’t in town or they’re busy. Boo. 😦


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