Gucci killed my wallet.

I was supposed to just have a look and buy sunglasses ONLY dammit!

Anyway, today was my epic trip to the city. Usually I do this several times a year, and I go by myself – I go to David Jones, Lacoste, Gucci (or whatever boutiques catch my eye, but generally only Gucci – it’s not because I like to shop there, it’s because I grew accustomed to it when I went belt hunting), and then down to the Rocks (more Gucci if I’m really determined, but again, that’s no longer part of my shopping routine) and maybe some Myer slotted in somewhere along there. I wanted to take my mum to The Rocks since she hasn’t been to the Gucci store there. But Gucci is still part of my routine since I want sunglasses OTLL

For some reason my dad convinced us both to go together, and asked us to buy some DVDs for him to watch. So I took my mum on an epic but relatively quick journey since she can’t stay on her feet for too long. Lacoste is not on sale, and there was that ANNOYING sales rep we both didn’t like, so I told mum to not even bother going in.

To our pleasant surprise, the bag I was waiting for AGES for my mum is in stock. I’ve been to Gucci countless times just for that one bag, and finally it has resurfaced. It’s a bit tricky though, you have to ask the sales rep to get it for you in a different colour since it’s locked up away somewhere. I promised my mum that I’d buy it for her, so I’ll have to pay her back (lol) when I get money out of my account. Now I am really well and truly officially PENNILESS. I still want my sunglasses, though. And if so, NO MORE AFTER THAT. But I have sunglasses, I’m just not content with them. Maybe if I get lucky they might go on sale? I highly doubt it anyway.

We got a helpful sales rep by the name of Ivy (who laughed along with my mum because of a half-forgotten dialect), and behind the counter was a nice looking bag. Out of impulse (and because the price was very very satisfying), I somehow ended up buying it. Now I am really well and truly in debt.

In a way though, the bag I bought suits my needs much more. I don’t have to worry about the straps getting wet or it snapping, and I don’t have to worry about overfilling and stretching the canvas. It’s just HUGE (it’s a tote) – I can chuck whatever I need into it. It probably fits A3 into it (actually probably not lols but if I leave it unzipped maybe), which is amazing. The price is also beyond words. Screw the Boston bag, I don’t need one. And if I really am desperate for another bag, I will use my mum’s one. What’s more, this one saved a heck load of money for me, and I don’t need another bag. The Gucci handbags simply do not interest me. It’s more casual, too. And it comes with a zipper, internal compartment (also with zipper) and a mobile phone slot, and it has a lining. There really isn’t much I can ask for. The strap colour is nice, too.

So I can now cross off the Boston Bag from my wishlist, because I don’t think I want it any more. I am currently aiming to get one bag from each designer label lol. But for now it ends here until I get a job 😛 I still want my sunnies, though.

So after that impulsive buy (yet it was really worth it, because mum’s bag is a best seller and the one I bought was the last one they had in stock), we caught the free shuttle bus and had lunch at Seoul Ria. Mum enjoyed the seafood pancake but thought the dolsot bibimbap was a bit funny and said it was better last time. But last time they had LOTS of onion! Lol. It was probably because I didn’t mix all the sauce in at first. The side dishes were good and we were stuffed!

Then we went to buy DVDs and to our complete surprise, usually they are $13 each – the guy was really nice and said 3 for $20… we bought 10 for only $65! Frick, that’s half price :O

When I got home I got one of my ebay orders at the front of my door and the large scale order we got also arrived o_o My dad is a hero!


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