Capitol, Parramatta, Cookieshake, TBs, Red ribbon day, Capitol, and UTS Republic of Design Graduation Exhibition Opening Night

That name is just WAY TOO LONG FOR ITS OWN GOOD, but that’s how it was today.


The day started off with me going to Capitol to see what else I could get. Heehee.

Photo was taken at Max Brenners, Parramatta – FYI it’s a curry manju and another hissho Doraemon, which I later gave to N as a graduation exhibition present 🙂

They changed the Hello Kittys, so they were quite hard to get. Rage. Wasted my money. But today was pretty good – I’m improving. Spending less, but getting a little more.

So I bought myself a return ticket to Parramatta. Why Parramatta? Well, I heard that it was good for shopping, and since it’s a reasonably large shopping centre, I thought that it’d take up my time. I don’t really like the idea of using a bus ticket to get to the city just to do one thing (like go to Capitol and get toys, or just only to buy one item) – I like to get the most of out my tickets. That and because I wanted to go check out the Papaya soaps!

Somehow I ended up with this by the end of the day:

Oh, I took this at home. I put the Doraemon in anyway (my own one) just to say I did get another one today. Weird logic, but yes. Three toys today. I’m improving 🙂

While I was at the supermarket, I noticed that not only did they have Likas, they had Silka. Some people have commented that Silka worked better? Either way, it was slightly cheaper and the green papaya soap I bet is cute. Plus it smells quite nice. I’ll use that after I determine how well the Likas is working.

I was at Lincraft and the place is completely… deserted. As in, they didn’t have much stock of anything and they didn’t have the most obvious stock. I wanted to make a fascinator or a headband of some sort for quite a long time now for a photoshoot. Instead, I went to Hot Dollar and found a rather cute headband for only $2.50 with 2 bows, and a really cool clip with a top hat on it. The hat I think can be very Victorian or very mod. It was only $3. There was a store on level 5 that was closing down with a similar thing, but instead it was about $15 still even after discount. Of course the quality is much better, but it irks me that I’d be paying $15 for something that isn’t quite worth $15, furthermore with a replica Burberry check on it. I’d rather be ripped off $3 than $15 I suppose. But I think it’s really cute! Great for an androgynous shoot – imagine the long falsies on the bottom lash, tie and blazer look. But yeah, that’s what I had in mind.

It’s probably cheaper to buy the headband than to make it unless it’s a fascinator or really elaborate. I’d still like to make a few one day though. I love headbands! But yeah, Hot Dollar = headband dream land. You can get 2 for like $2.50, but I didn’t like the ones they had. Wish I could mix the colours but I couldn’t, so I settled on those. BTW I tried on the headband – it’s really cute! The hat looks really awesome too! Super worth the money- what a surprise!

Living proof that I really did go to Parramatta – but the tree was quite pretty~!

Parramatta was kind of scary, actually. TBs and all. But it’s alright – quite a different experience.

Of course after getting lost and walking every single floor (but NOT into every shop), I realised I had forgotten to buy light bulbs. Did you know, a normal lightbulb (as in the incandescent ones) actually is made by simply gluing the glass bulb to the metal base? I kid you not – I should have taken a photo, but whilst I was meant to steal a bulb for the bedroom, somehow the metal base detached from the glass bulb part. RIDICULOUS! But now we are using all long life/ energy saving bulbs, so that’s a relief.

So I was trying to find Max Brenner (where I came from) when I kept on getting sidetracked. I passed a sale where everyone was grabbing everything, and eventually, I settled on buying these things:

RRP $49.95, but I bought a set of 4 (2 large, 2 small) for just $5. If it was really $50 then hell yes it’d be a pretty big SCAM >_>

Talk about impulse or what. But I remember the advertisement intrigued me so much – and also that if I bought cleaning towels, I’d actually be more encouraged to clean windows or the car or something. I paid with coins only because I had a lot of silver coins weighing me down. I also hate people who push in. Some guy at Hot Dollar pushed into line, but then I ended up being able to go to a free register (the chick who was paying before him had a lot of crap and was even paying via credit card or eftpos). At the Sham Ezee sale place another woman butted in too, but spent like $50 on junk, basically. I just handed the guy a handful of coins and I could leave after that. YES FOR SPEEDINESS.

But yes, NO WAY was I going to pay $50 for just cloth. Geez. $5 is bearable.

Sorry, wasn’t thinking dirty (well, okay maybe a little) but this sign made me chuckle the first time since I saw Jizz Fashion in the Town Hall to Kent Street arcade.


I was tired and getting hungry so I decided to get a Cookieshake from Max Brenner since LK and C seem to love it (and because I kept getting lost and forgetting that my actual destination was Max Brenner, NOT some random factory direct sale or Hot Dollar).

It’s not often I sit in a cafè, let alone sit by myself at one – but it’s a nice way to rewind

They have quite a lovely atmosphere at Max Brenner, actually. I’ve only been once and it was the one in David Jones basement level in the city. I must say, the Parramatta one isn’t bad, since it’s big, spacious yet cosy.

Finally, the Cookieshake arrives! I waited for about 7 minutes or so for it to come, actually. But it was worth the wait – it was delicious!

If you have any doubts spending $7.60 on a shake, dispel all those thoughts, like, NAO. Best damn $7.60 drink ever. Forget the cocktails and shizz – this is made of epic YUM.

I gobbled that stuff up so quickly it was sooo yummeh D: It also made me very full too, considering it’s made of cookies, white chocolate bits (that melt into your mouth) and I think pecans… omg… drools….

So that was the end of Parramatta. It was time to head back!

I went back to Capitol and won the pink Manju. It was because they didn’t have the pink ones the other day and earlier on I tried to get the pink one after getting the curry one, but I failed. It was in a good position when I got back, and I managed to get it. YES. I feel so satisfied now that toys actually do come out of those machines.

For hardcore Converse fans, did you know they have a Converse store at Market City? Isn’t that insane? A shop purely dedicated to Converse. You can’t say no to that. But I will. Those shoes have killed my socks. I miss my white cons. They are somewhere in a rubbish tip, because I decided that they were too old and worn, even though they weren’t, and threw them out.

Seems like the store actually has quite a few unique/ exclusive designs. The displays weren’t bad either, this was one of them. I haven’t seen this design before.

Also, if you use the Chinese kind of rip off a page calendar or one of those large square wall calendar types, they are selling them at Market City at the moment in the sales area. Po Hong shut down (and I never bothered to check what happened to them) and I really do not like Windfair. So I bought 2 calendars for mum from Market City. The wall calendar was only $3! Usually I pay $5 or $6 for those things at Po Hong.

I am well aware that I have spammed WAY TOO many images already, so I’m going to cut down on the number of images for the REPULIC OF DESIGN exhibition.

There are TWO entire storeys dedicated to this exhibition, which is already amazing to me – it’s basically 4 subjects or so together with free flowing booze and many security guards standing by to make sure nothing crazy happens. First thing I thought was WOW HUGE and then WOW SO MANY PEOPLE. No seriously, there were so many people it was seriously difficult to walk around. Not only that, we are talking about an entire ground floor and another level above (and below since that’s where the bar is) of lobby/ display area. Not only that, they didn’t need to use display panels, they hung their drawings from the ceiling, and anchored them securely onto the floor with a bag of sand to prevent it from madly swinging and smacking anyone in the face. No, it’s amazing, the idea of it hanging is so clean, and you can see who’s on the other side so you don’t happen to bump into people. It generates interaction and spatial depth. Fantastic.

Seriously, wow, there were a lot of people. And how neat is the whole thing???

They had a timetable schedule pamphlet, and my friend N told me grab a Graduation booklet with the entire years’ works. Seriously, it was so organised I’m speechless. I’m not going to put up a photo of the booklet and book because I can’t be bothered. I forgot to take a photo and uploading is really a nuisance at the moment.

Look at those pretty lights! The blue white and pink (yes, pink, sorry for the photo it looks red) striped pattern is actually the REPUBLIC OF DESIGN colour scheme/ pattern thing. And yes, all those human heads you see behind this low wall under the lights are all people chatting and enjoying free booze. Why does it happen to be that the free booze areas have the coolest lights?

This photo is just to show how many people are going downstairs for more booze (bar), the idea of space and how many people were at the front part. MY GOD. SO MANY PEOPLE.

I’m officially jealous. They had projection screens, they had a DJ (yes, a Disc Jockey I kid you not) and it was just so well done. Thanks for inviting me to a cool graduation exhibition! I can only hope that ours will be as cool if not cooler D: Plus they had lots of free food, but apparently the booze was limited to just 4 drinks per person.

Last but not least, I’d like to let everyone know that today was Red Ribbon day. I got this from Central as I came back from Parra and took the liberty of pinning it to my camera case. Usually I don’t really buy ribbons and stuff, I occasionally donate the odd coin when I feel like it, but I thought the red ribbon looked quite lovely.

Complementary colours ❤

So I came home, had dinner, read through this month’s Marie Claire magazine (for January 2010, the latest issue) since it came in the mail today, and I must say, IT SUCKS. PLEASE DO NOT BUY IT. There is absolutely nothing in it worthy of reading! Except for the horoscopes and the year ahead, otherwise none of the stories caught my eye, and none of the fashion spreads were of interest.

Came onto my computer, and I noticed I got my Results of Assessment in my inbox.
I’m a bit scared of the results because I felt that I did poorly for design, but to my surprise, I got this:

That’s really good for design D: And I know, a DN isn’t really the most fantastic mark, but it’s hard to get more than a DN unless you want to live and breathe the subject 24 7. To be honest, I’m not really willing to do so, unless I am completely free of all responsibilities and embrace myself to lose my social life. I did better this semester than last semester, and this is after attending random photoshoots and the soompi meet instead of doing work. Maybe my luck IS going to only just improve from now on!

I think I shall end this post. That was my epic day! I am very tired and my shoulders hurt.

Until next plog!

PS: I am NOT going shopping except to look at Gucci. I am NOT going to buy anything any more. Today alone was a VERY expensive trip and I don’t know how it happened. Mum did reimburse me for the calendars and the lightbulbs, but I am still in a state of shock. I didn’t even buy that much! But if you think about it, small amounts will accumulate – the train ticket itself was already $4.40. Sad. That’s almost $5 :\ Anyway, I’m depressed that $50 doesn’t get you anywhere these days, because I spent more than that somehow. Excuse me while I lock myself up at home and imprison myself. On the bright side, I can still buy things and buy food, but if I need to entertain myself, I better not go window shopping. I’ll walk to uni and back home even to save the bus fare. Guh, I need exercise and moolah. On the humorous side, I need a cow to gimme money 😛 Don’t worry if you don’t get this – I don’t expect everyone to 😉


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