Drama drama drama

Sorry again! Well, tonight’s dinner was cancelled, so I took the liberty of going to get myself some more dramas ๐Ÿ˜€ Stupidly though, I couldn’t get the other half of episode 5 of IRIS, so I’m stuck with just only episode 4, then I have 6 onwards (I think 7 is missing?) ugh. Cocorust Depository (or was it Repository?) really needs to not upload everything to sendspace. I hate the slow speeds and the 300MB/ hr download limit.

About IRIS, Yooruu and I were talking about it the other day. Shamelessly, I said that I was watching it for T.O.P ๐Ÿ˜› but she mentioned the plot was a little choppy, irrelevant (well I need to watch more to see). She also speculated that T.O.P was an assassin who was either from Japan or North Korea. Instead, I’m going to suggest that T.O.P is possibly from the C.I.A. No ordinary North Korean would be out of the country (well I’m going to assume that), and the so called Mr Black is very American sounding indeed. If he’s not from the C.I.A, then I’m going to have to agree he’s a North Korean. But yes, T.O.P is quite frightening in IRIS, or at least the cinematography makes him quite a scary character.

I’m also going to watch “He who cannot marry” (or “The Unmarried Man” or “He who can’t marry”). It’s like the 40 year old virgin, only he’s an architect, successful, umarried and Korean. Lols. C recommended it, and I promised to (well okay I didn’t promise, but I am inclined/ obliged to) review it for my friend when he returns from construction land.

Speaking of which, I watched the last episode of You’re Beautiful. Hard to say. I liked the ending, but I didn’t really like the episode that much. Usually I would be like OMGGGG and then clicking for the next part. Maybe because I watched it from Youtube (MsTangGuo – if not, MrsTangGuo) and some parts didn’t even have translations. HECK, I don’t even know Korean and I know they didn’t translate it properly!

I feel the last episode was more of a filler episode more than anything else. There wasn’t really enough suspense, but then again, the ending is quite predictable.

I think what I really wanted to see was more of Go Mi Nam (ie. the brother character) by Park Shin Hye. I thought that it was kind of amusing at the airport, and he did seem kind of charismatic, but they left it out towards the end and all I could see was either the back view (of obviously a man, not Park Shin Hye) or bits of PSH’s face. I felt like I was watching the Oral B commercials x_x

Anyway, I really enjoyed the series though !

On the topic of dramas, while I was waiting for the downloads, I remembered P telling me he had watched Mianhada, Saranghada (I’m sorry, I love you). I decided to give it a go, even though he said it was extremely slow. It was indeed too slow for me. The version I watched had mismatched timing of subtitles and sound (ugh) and then the quality was quite LQ (considering it was from what, 1999?).

Anyway, only P would probably get this joke, but after watching the first episode, it makes me NOT want to go to Melbourne ;-; Not that you’d ever read this. Haha.

The characters and the dialogues are indeed quite odd. Too many times have they said the word “Starcraft” in the first episode, and the singer dude who keeps saying “I’m gonna die! I’m gonna die right now!” annoys me somewhat. In fact, I reread the plot synopsis, and it’s something I really don’t want to watch. It’s just another one of those 16 long episode dramas where life is heading nowhere (and neither is the drama), and the love story goes nowhere. P‘d prove me wrong since he’s the expert on this series (“eat with me, drink with me”?!) but yeah. Dude. If he’s not sure he likes her, they shoulda just asked. Since he only has like, 3 months to live anyway. Nothing to lose except for face and a few months, okay? >.>


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