Depressed, went emo (ie. cut something), won a shizzload of toys and am still stuffed from icecream

FORENOTE: Okay I lied about the oodles of photos/ pictures I promised, but maybe tomorrow night when we have food. YEAH!

I’m super depressed – I don’t want to really tell anyone why. I’ll get over it. So yeah, just don’t mention anything, distract me, and I’ll forget D: In other words, please do not ask me why 🙂 Thanks 😉

Despite that, I made plans to meet up with T. But before that I decided to go to the city early and I finally got myself a haircut. Yes, the emo part referred to cutting the hair – not myself. Another fast haircut at Kim Sun Young, and I come out looking the same as I did 3 months ago, regardless of which hairdresser I get. SCORE.


Let me put this down first – I suck at skill testers. I sucked at them when I was a kid (I would nag my mum to get the toys but she couldn’t and then some kind stranger managed to get it out for me) and I suck at them as a young adult. Approximately for every $50 I spent at Capitol, I would win just ONE toy. I’m not kidding – I spend so much money on those UFO catchers blah blah get the toy in a good position, then I give up and my friend just chucks in a dollar and gets it out. Life is SO UNFREAKING FAIR.

I’ve only got ONE thing from a UFO catcher (from my photos you would have seen a blue tofu mobile holder – his name is Sora, Sora the blue tofu) and I think it was the first time I ever got anything out of a machine. I literally looked at the machine, said, “I can get that”, put in a dollar and won it. I was so ecstatic I screamed and jumped up and down while the people around me looked at me like I was crazy. WHAT?! Never seen a girl happy before?? That’s what it’s like to be REALLY ecstatic, fools!

Anyway, and 2 other toys I won from roulettes – and those are pure luck. You can only really win if you manage to get a “lucky”, or else you’re not gonna win anything. For the roulettes I was quite lucky, $6 in for one, $2 in for the other – and they are considerably large toys.

The other money I spent went into trying to get those large tofus out of the UFO thingies or those claws whatever they are called (I forget) – you know, the one with just 2 grabbing things. LITERALLY I GET NOTHING!

Now counting back, my ex won me a total of 5 toys from Capitol (one isn’t really a toy, it’s a mobile chain, but I’ll count it as a toy since it does cost a dollar to play).

Somehow, I managed to win 5 in one day. ONE DAY BEBBEH – NOT ONE YEAR, SUCKER.

First time Capitol skill testers make me feel satisfied that my money didn’t completely go down the drain. IN YOUR FACE TO THOSE PEOPLE WHO WANTED A HELLO KITTY! That was me, like, a year ago! Damn it, watching people get toys when I couldn’t get a single one. YEAH, THAT’S HOW IT FEELS! Just kidding, I totally sympathise – hope everyone gets toys out of those machines 😀 Capitol makes too much money and gives way too little u.u

For some reason, today I was freaking awesome. I managed to get 2 Hello Kittys (obviously, $5 for 6 goes, but that’s still pretty damn good, usually you just hope to get one, let alone 2 – and let alone 2 in DIFFERENT COLOURS), a chilli/spicy manju, and 2 doraemons. Actually, I got 2 of the small doraemons, but thanks to T I swapped him a small Doraemon for his larger one (he had 2 of the same one – man, he got a lot of doubles like 2 white majus, 2 of the large doraemons but with an orange pocket, not a pink one), since he didn’t manage to get a small Doraemon.

I actually got the small Doraemon first after putting in like $2 which really got me stoked since I didn’t think I’d get anything. I think the hissho banner on its head is kinda cute and it will help cheer me on and get through whatever the hell I need to get through. Makes me feel kind of lucky.

Despite spending way too much on machines, I do feel considerably luckier than I did at the start of the day. Maybe it’s the new haircut – but I feel refreshed. The old must go before the new can come (speaking of which, I broke my mobile phone charm 😦 Well, it cost $2.50 afterall, but still, I guess we just weren’t meant to be :\).

After hours of Capitol (I think like 2 hours or maybe was it 1.5?) we sat down for some icecream. Thanks for the shout! I kinda feel bad, but thanks! 🙂

Geisha-san: $14AUD @ Passionflower – 2 scoops of green tea icecream, 1 scoop of lychee icecream, and orange and lychee fruit

I felt so full from it! The green tea icecream actually is a little bitter like real tea 😀

We then went to look at all the Japanese cell phones (cheaper on ebay!!) and then went to Prize Paradise. I put in a few coins to try my luck and test out the machines – quite hard since they don’t top the machines up. But it’s alright, I wasn’t good at the machines to begin with anyway 🙂

Then I went to uni to collect my drawings and model – and finally I was tired and had too much stuff on me so I called my mum for a lift.

So now I’m here.

I’m still feeling a bit depressed, but I feel a lot better already! Thanks everyone for putting up with me! I’m sorry if it means I’m a bit slow/ don’t do things (eg. Sorry Ian, I was meant to make/ draw you something for your birthday, but I just felt… so… crappy – sorry!) – please give me a week of blogging madness and K-drama fangirlism for me to recover.


Until next blog!


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