Home Inn Decorations

So I reached level 20 2 days ago and finally got a new storey. To be honest, the game is getting boring because I’ve bought all the expensive things with the coins. I want the ones you need jewels for, but obviously I don’t have many jewels (you get one when you level up, or you can buy them or get it from the poker machine at the lobby – and the poker machine/ roulette is rigged, because it’s been 24 hours and I still haven’t gotten my free go yet!)

So if you were wondering what decorations you needed for what kind of rent you will get, there’s a break down of how much I’m collecting and what there is inside each room. This is the first time I’ve actually compared the room rent, and I think I need to renovate the oriental style room since it’s the only room under then $700 mark. The lobby I think is almost at its maximum. It’d probably get more if there were items in there bought with jewels, but oh well.

So I know I could do this on Facebook instead, but anyway, Frank, the developer, if you’re reading this: please update with more new items that are EXPENSIVE and can bump up the rent. I know it’s good to make things affordable, but because it’s relatively easy to get coins if you play this game properly (like sit there and actually play), I have NOTHING TO BUY. Thanks!


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