Awesome day!

Today my day started off quite early over a Korean lunch with Yooruu (hey, I can actually use a nickname instead of a letter >D) – I haven’t seen her for a very long time! More than 6 months ago! We had a very long lunch (hehe) talking about life and catching up on what was up. We later then went window shopping at various cosmetic counters at Myer and David Jones. We were talking about Shiseido and Shu Uemura eyelash curlers at Missha – it just occurred to me that I own all three. I will need to find the Shu one though – chucked it aside because it was given to me by a certain someone -_- I’ll probably do the review tomorrow and review all three of them in a post πŸ™‚ (or whenever I happen to find the Shu – since I can’t sleep now anyway – actually I’ll clean out my room tomorrow or the day after to throw out empty cosmetic boxes [oh yes I will take a photo of how much junk I have] – can’t be bothered rustling since it’s late ie 12.19AM – and plus I have no idea where I put it… sigh)

I’m totally lemming Chanel sunglasses but I don’t have the dollars yet 😦 I spent too much last month! UGH. In fact, I’m still spending 😦 Aigoo T_T

The day then ended at 3pm when Y had to return a library book, and so I headed off to secret location to get some You’re Beautiful fix πŸ˜€

So far I’m uber satisfied – just need episode 14 and waiting for more πŸ˜€ Tae Kyung is freaking adorable when he hugs the toy! ❀

Speaking of the toy, they are selling it at Yesasia – preorders! πŸ˜€

Who wants to be a Tae Kyung and buy this for me =P JKS!


Frick I want one o_o But it’s $50USD. But it’s 55cm tall. BUT MY POOR MONEY. ARGH.

Better refrain. But seriously, it is ADORABLE ❀ (so’s Tae Kyung heheheh)


PS: Many more blog entries to come in the weeks to come. Most of the people I generally talk to are either overseas or not online or have left Sydney temporarily. Lonely 😦


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