Skinfood Mushroom Multicare Blemish Balm

… try repeating that title 5 times in a row in one breath 😛

Today so far as been hot (well not really, my room is relatively cool) and the people upstairs have been SCRAPING their floor. It sounds like shovelling something or a dog hating the ground, but ARGH. There is also distant music far far away.

I’m very in love with Skinfood Mushroom BB. I used to use Missha Vita BB and I even bought an extra tube in case if my first beloved tube ran out (which it did). Then I decided to try this stuff out because I was bored, on ebay and found a tube for remarkably cheap. (I think it was about $23AUD shipped or something)

You can get it shipped within Australia (not from overseas) for about $42AUD express and apparently you get a bunch of samples. It’s by a seller called something like AuthenticImports or something, but it’s actually BLUSH cosmetics’ online ebay store.

Either way, I wasn’t going to pay $42AUD shipped, nor was I going to buy it from the shops at a whopping $60 or so. It was only 23 buckaroos, so I got it. This was quite a while ago, and the prices I bet are even cheaper if you’re lucky and snag an auction. I happened to get mine shipped from Hong Kong, and it was the only stock they had left before the user cancelled their account.

Anyway, I was so excited at how cheap it was that I completely forgot to check the colours. My friend A whom I consider to be quite fair, bought shade #2 and said it turned her freakily white. It was only after I paid for the item that I realised I ordered shade #1, which is more pale.

To my surprise, it came quickly, and the shade actually matches me quite well (it matches me much better than Missha Perfect cover BB – I shall review this one soon, thanks to C!) and I like this better than Missha Vita so much that I rarely use my Missha Vita BB (though I have a full bottle – quite a lot of product to go, too).

A commented that the Mushroom BB smelled funny, but to me I love the smell. It’s fresh (you know me and fresh smells okay). The shade was good, and I like the texture – it’s quite light, has good coverage, and is matte. It’s not a dewy texture (like the Missha Vita), and I quite like how it sinks into the skin. The colour changes to your skin tone within a reasonable amount of time, and it stays on and looks great. I think it has helped to improve my skin and it is excellent for laying powder on top.

For the price and the actual product, I can’t say much more other than that I love the product. Even when I just wear the bb cream itself without any powder, people wouldn’t even notice. And if I wore powder, people still wouldn’t notice 😛 It just gives a really nice finish that isn’t overly heavy, doesn’t look caked, and it’s light handed. It looks quite natural, which is a given bonus.

Where can you buy this stuff?

They sometimes have it on the catalogue (you just have to keep checking, they love to remove items and put them back on) for about $25US (give or take a few dollars, I can’t remember).

You can definitely ebay it for $24USD shipped or less, from Asia. My advice is to get it from South Korea (the sellers from Korea  tend to be much more efficient and generous), otherwise if Hong Kong is cheaper, Hong Kong isn’t a bad option either (their mail system is very reliable). Last but not least check the selling feedback. I like to see feedback at about 99.7% or MORE with at least 700 feedback given. Make sure to read the neutrals and the negatives, and see if the comments bother you. Sometimes the feedback given is really stupid (one person gave a neutral for a seller recently saying it didn’t match the description, but didn’t say how – and a good seller would reply the feedback asking why). Sometimes it is worth paying an extra 50c, or a dollar or two for a better seller – but I leave that up to your own personal judgement.

You can ebay within Australia from AuthenticImports (or whatever they’re called) for $42AUD shipped via express post so you are guaranteed to receive it in 2 or 3 days flat with a bunch of samples. Usually around this time of year, sellers (including that seller) will offer 10% off, so you can get it shipped for less than $40. Australian ebayers are a good option if you do not have PayPal and want to pay via bank deposit. But be careful if you pay by bank deposit. I never will pay via bank deposit unless I think I trust the seller. Always pay via PayPal or credit card on ebay so you can get your money back in case if something goes wrong. Certainly do not ever pay via Western Union.

If you hate online shopping, grab it from these places in Sydney, Australia:

BLUSH COSMETICS for $60. The store is on level 2, Dixon Centre (the old Dixon Centre) – keep going up the escalators. Or, there are a lot of boutiques in Dixon No 1 that appear to be selling bb cream now. Not to put anyone off, but it will be at least $55 a tube. The Dixon Centre is on Dixon Street, Chinatown. Dixon No.1 is at the end of Dixon Street towards Darling Harbour end.

A store near Capitol (the stair entrance) on George Street sells Skinfood too. (one with lots of toys in the display window, and with makeup inside)

If you’re feeling adventurous, I also suggest walking along the Chinatown arcade stores – a lot of them will also stock bbcream.

You can also try Campsie – there is a lot of bbcream around for sale.

Compared to the $20 something I paid, that’s quite a big difference – so please consider it if the product might not work for you. BB cream can be an expensive investment. Although it’s not as expensive as department store foundations, it’d suck if the product isn’t right – you’ve wasted your money on something that is not compatible for your skin. So if you can grab the same product for cheaper, go for it. That’s just my advice.

So have fun experimenting!


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