Missha Perfect Cover Blemish Balm

Thanks to C for her sample!

Hmmm. I don’t even know where I should begin.

Back in the days when Missha just hit Sydney, I was one of the first people to buy the Missha Vita BB. I’m not even exaggerating – I happened to be at Missha looking for some foundation powder when the SA told me that I didn’t need foundation since my skin wasn’t too bad. She introduced me the Missha Vita BB. She was like “most people come in asking for BB cream, and we didn’t know what it was! Then we got this stock in.” I thought it was a nifty idea and it was about the same price as powder, and less harmful, so I bought it. At the time, they only had one Vita gold and one Vita silver in stock. Now there are shizzloads of them.

Anyway, not too long after that – maybe a few months down the track, Perfect Cover was released. The description sounds VERY promising. For about $1 or $2 more, you can get anti-wrinkle and double the SPF. Plus you get it in a santitary pump tube packaging. Also, it’s comes in not just ONE but TWO shades! I felt really jipped.

Still, I was too embarassed to go try it since I thought the Vita BB was working for me, and I didn’t think I’d need anti-ageing stuff in my BB cream.

So now I have this sample from C 😀

The smell is very similar to Missha Vita, but the Perfect Cover is a lot thicker.

When I use the Perfect Cover, for some reason it looks quite unnatural. C commented that it makes the face look ashy, and I’ll have to agree. It’s because the BB cream (contrary to original thought) does NOT oxidise fast enough or at all.

I tried it on for 2 occasions. The first time, the weather wasn’t so hot and I didn’t use as much. The next time, it was hot, and I used a bit more product. I put it on at 10am in the morning and at 10pm, it only looks semi matched with my skin. IMO, that is taking way too long, unless your skin colour is the same colour as the BB cream. In other words, you either need to be a perfect colour match, or overlay the BB cream with foundation.

I can’t think of using the Perfect Cover as a sunscreen either, because it’s just so thick. It dries powdery matte, but the thing I don’t like about it is that it doesn’t seem to look natural. It sits on top of my skin as well.

I think the problem with Perfect Cover is that it comes in 2 shades, and it’s because of this shade idea, that they made it more like a foundation (try to minimise colour/ shade change). Due to the high SPF, it also will make you much much more pale (its SPF is ridiculously high but good like 45SPF or something?). This is one of the good things about the BB cream though, the SPF is so high. Skinfood Mushroom only has an SPF of 20, but it’s better than nothing.

Perfect Cover tends to not brighen as much as Skinfood Mushroom in my opinion, but it does have pretty good coverage, but it could look cakey if you use a little too much of the product. So Perfect Cover isn’t really great for building up – eventually you will look kind of grey.

Still, don’t get me wrong here – this is the best selling bb cream in Korea at the moment. Meh – still, I would prefer the Skinfood or even the Missha Vita over this because it’s a bit too heavy. I like my bb cream on my face looking natural (people didn’t know I wore bb cream unless I told them).

Where to buy it?

This is much easier to find. Missha is in Burwood, QVB, George Street and even Melbourne and Queensland. A tube (50ml) will set you back about $35AUD. It’s not bad.

Online, you’re looking at a similar price, so I wouldn’t really bother with online purchases.

I haven’t used the product long enough to make a judgement on whether or not it’d help with clearing up pimples, but so far, my judgement is that for me, I probably used a little too much and it is a little too thick/ heavy for my skin to breathe. I’m 100% positive however, that if you use the right amount, it will brighten, and that it definitely can help with whitening since it has such a high SPF. Price and packaging also gets thumbs up from me – but my final verdict is – there are better products out there 😉


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