Today is so hot! For the first time in months I went to do some grocery shopping with my mum.

This isn’t normal grocery shopping – it’s hardcore shopping. By this we actually need a shopping thingy (the things you put stuff into with a handle and wheels and you pull it – it’s not a stroller and it’s not a trolley –  I forgot the word) and it’s the equivalent of pulling a very obese child.

Anyway, felt like I was baking in a sauna on the way back and I bet my arm is going to be dead because it was SO HEAVY D: People are still rude at the markets as usual, and people really CANNOT drive properly.

Anyway, I was looking at my stats, one of the search terms being:  hate korean

Uh yeah, that’s great, but no haters allowed of any sort on this blog. I don’t care if you hate Korean (as in the language or food or culture) or if you don’t like electronic toilet seats, think that beauty is superficial and consumerism is materialistic – most people should just learn to deal with different people’s interpretations, intelligence levels and cultural differences.

I really hope that I don’t get another search term like that popping up on my blog. And for those who follow my blog, I really like Korean food and music and I am going to try to learn the language this holidays – but I’m not those crazy obsessed kind of people where I live and breathe Korean or whatever. I have an interest. If I like the song, I will say so – if I don’t like it, I’ll say that as well. Keep an open mind people o_o

And for the record, I welcome comments, but any comments of an offensive, derrogaratory nature will be deleted instantly. I’ll reserve the right to also name and shame people who choose to do so.

I’m hoping that whoever searched up the term really meant “how to say hate in korean” since how, to, in are search terms that usually get omitted. And if that’s the case, I really don’t know what it is 😛

Yesterday’s search term: sasa.com delay delivery november

To let people who stumble across this, I got my dispatchment notification email today. I paid on the 7th Nov, today is already the 20th Nov. It really did take them the 14 day delay to get my order on track. If you paid before the 7th, you can wait until Monday or decide to submit an enquiry today. Their customer service usually replies/ deals with enquiries within 2 hours or so if you ask them during business hours. If you paid after the 7th, well you might need to wait a few more days – possibly they will dispatch it on Monday.

NOTE: sasa.com appears to not dispatch every day. There are particular days sasa.com chooses to dispatch on, and there is a dispatchment time – do not panic if they send out your parcel the next business day, it’s only normal.

I think I will  type up a long post after lunch. Password protected!

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