Feeling sheepish – the GG of the past few days

Of course, I’m not going to name all of the GG’s of the past few days,  because I want to make myself sound good 😛 HAHAHA. Hey, at least I’m telling y’all right now. Not trying to manipulate you or anything okay ;D


I was advised to email my tutors after submitting my history work.

I emailed both of them, but only got a response from one of them.

I was then like %#)(*%)@&%# that tutor is on holiday mode and didn’t respond!

Turns out when I checked out my email sent message folder, the email I sent wasn’t there. I’m only thankful because I did submit it on time (the file server has timemarks), but sigh – I don’t know how that slipped. I should have known, since he usually replies within 24 hours. Oh well. HOPEFULLY YOU GOT MY MAIL NOW!


I just realised a little less than a month ago, I blogged about this: https://miketsumuse.wordpress.com/2009/10/28/if-you-really-like-avril-lavigne/

I haven’t received anything in the mail so far, so I’m disappointed. I know what that stuff smells like though, and it smells dark. I HATE MUSKS. Maybe it’s a good thing it didn’t come in the mail. But dayum, I thought that they would have sent something. Maybe give it a few weeks? But usually, I find there is a tendency for perfume samples to like… never come 😛


I was at Kino on the weekend (the Bondi Beach/ Flash mob day) and noticed that there were stickers on those pretty Cher diaries. I blogged about snagging one of them though I could have sworn they jacked up the price by $5. Well, they have 20% off stickers on them. That means you can get one for $24. Admittedly, it’s not that much of a difference (I mean, it’s only $6 and I got to choose a nice one since some of them had crinkled edges and what not), but it was still a GG for me.


Was it Nira or Nara? It probably was Nira, but logic tells me Nara since it is a place. But I’m 99% sure it’s Nira. I’m having doubts because I follow Nira’s blog: www.xanga.com/nirarara

Anyway I’ll talk about the Ramen first. Azuma (or Ton-Ton as their ramen bowls suggest) is located in Lumiere on George Street. If you don’t know what or where Lumiere is, you’re missing out! Well not missing out, it’s more of an architectural thing than anything else. It’s a skyscraper designed by British super archi-firm Norman Foster and Associates. It’s next to George Street cinemas.

Anyway, there was a “NO. 1” sticker over the spicy ramen photo and so I decided to order it.

Surprisingly, it was like a jajangmyeon (sorry for using the Korean term, it just sounds stupid if I write it in Chinese) or even a ramen bolognese. It’s like mince in this mildy spicy sauce that is kind of thick with ramen in it. Kind of disappointed, because my usual yukgaejang is spicier than that. It was alright tasting though – that’s for sure.

As for Nira the blogger, she’s a Thai girl who went to study Fashion design in Singapore. She’s a model for basically mens’ magazines like Playeur. Well, she’s not really a pin up model -_- Why do I follow her blog? I think she’s a really down to earth girl. She doesn’t do the large eyed look and I personally think she’s gorgeous. From time to time her posts are thoughtful (forget if she’s not perfect in English, I think she’s still awesome), and I really like how honest she is when it comes to advertorials. She’s semi-modest and I like it. Heck, even Xiaxue approves of her.


I skipped dinner to watch “You’re Beautiful” (oops) and came home to just half a bowl of soup with a few spoons of rice. I know it’s unhealthy, but GRAH I HATE THE FEELING OF FEELING FULL.

Gosh I am so hungry I feel like my stomach is only filled with air Dx Eating is not an option at this hour. It’s just past midnight and I already brushed my teeth. Ugh.


I won’t talk about it here obviously. Privacy reasons. But yeah. There’s someone I want to sock in the face. I won’t write the reasons why, but yes.

Anyway, ending this post about now. Hopefully there’ll be less GGs to come x_x


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