I recently discovered Pyrobooby aka Peter Chao (though I suspect it’s probably not his real name).

His videos are really quite something – there are a lot of hate comments about him ruining the image of Asians, but he is hilarious. I love his weird words (eg muda this muda that) and he’s fashionable in the sense that he can really sell himself.

On the point about embarassing Asians and what not – I don’t think he’s doing it to bring down the image of Asians. He is actually raising up the image in many ways. I know some of the things he says is quite misogynistic, but it’s just to make fun of the “traditional” idea about gender roles.

Anyway, he’s funny and I’m gonna link him on the side. I’ll add on a few more links that I usually visit. Probably NSFW or suitable for minors – watch at your caution!



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