Stats, 2pm Jaebum Flashmob and Sculptures by the Sea Bondi Beach


My blog has and always has been named “?miketsu” (well, for the past what, 6 years it has been – before that, there was no real name for my blog). As a result of watermarking my photos, I have decided to make my blog name correspond to the watermarks. That way I don’t confuse myself or others.


Today was a very long day for me. I left my place at about 11:15am when C and R picked me up from my place. In the car was L as well. We went to the city and found some parking and we proceeded to have lunch at Azuma. C and R got me this nifty umbrella! It’s in the shape of a bottle, but it’s an umbrella. Pretty cool, huh? I’m still mucking around with my limited settings of my camera but I managed to get a pretty good shot just by increasing brightness. The shot is still clear (unlike the other photos I took last time – they were fuzzy for some reason even though macro was on and I was holding it steady), but it’s just considerably brighter. Getting better, but I’ll find out how to use this thing better one day. I want to know if I can do bokeh and long exposure on my camera – if I can, then I’d be shrieking with absolute joy.


That’s a pretty sleek looking umbrella, eh?
It was noted that I could look like an alcohol or it could be a dangerous looking weapon. Choose between the two.

First things first, I want to talk about my stats.


I don’t understand. Why do people search me up directly now? It’s a strange strange idea, and if you know my username, you could easily just type it before the and it will be all you need. Why search me up? WHY?! And more importantly, why do people even remember this username to search me up?!

I’m more than happy to have my useful posts (as in informative) to be up for you guys to read and contemplate about (I know some people might find this blog useful for random tidbits since I tend to blog about the things I find interesting in news updates – usually in music, but I do product reviews), but I never intended my blog to be public in any way. The fact that people are remembering my username is something I find quite unsettling.

That aside, I’ll still blog as usual since it’s inevitable (the more posts you have, the more traffic you will get from searches). My most private posts will always be protected in one way or another, and my public posts will be in public mode.

Everyone is welcome as my blog is pretty much a pool of information.

Anyway, back to my day.

2pm Hottests Jaebum Flash Mob @ Sydney Opera House

I was originally meant to go to Fashion Weekend, but instead we went to the Soompi Sydney 2pm Jaebum Flash Mob.

Basically, there was 2 months’ preparation into this event – check out the thread here:

As you may or may not know, about a month or two ago, Korean boy band 2pm‘s leader Jaebum was hounded by netizens over a series of MySpace comments saying “Korea is gay” or “I hate Korea” (only like 3 comments along those lines) because he was extremely frustrated at his hard time in Korea. For those who don’t know, he came all the way from Seattle to Korea, a country where everything was different to him – he learned their language, ate the food (and grew accustomed of course) and had to also balance his talent and learning in terms of singing, rapping and dance. He wrote those comments purely out of frustration and just was seeking some comfort from his hometown I suppose.

As a result he left Korea and 2pm and is now back in Seattle. The netizens who once banished him now probably regret doing so, and many of their fans (named “Hottests” as that is their official fan club member name) are either boycotting a 6 member 2pm or are desperately trying to get Jaebum back.

Anyway, the point of the Flash Mob was to coincide with the Melbourne Flash Mob, and to send out a message to other 2pm fans and Jaebum that we give support to him and basically we want him back in 2pm. 7=1 was one of the short messages on the signs, meaning 7 members = 1 group.

I didn’t take any photos because it never occurred for me to take any, and I think I may be in a 30 second video clip giggling when I was meant to be frozen. But oh well. Speaking of which, I was surprised to see D from high school – there were also quite a few people who turned up – maybe about 30-40 or so? But yes, even though I’m not really familiar with 2pm, I would like to see Jaebum back. Because it will make a lot of his fans happy, and I’m sure it will make him happy too to be back.

Sculptures by the Sea

It was a really tiring walk, but it was so worth it! We walked all the way from the Bondi Pavillion to Tamarama! I was stupid and didn’t charge my camera (I didn’t think I’d take any photos for some lame reason – I mean, usually you go there to take photos, right?! STUPID) and I didn’t even realise I was going to take them until C reminded me. So I had to make the best out of the little battery I had left – and this was literally opening shutter (turning it on) and  then shutting the camera down with the least checking of photo quality and least changes in settings. Luckily, I have the right setting for most of them so the blues turned out beautiful. I didn’t edit the colours (no photoshop, cept for the watermarks), and I’m kind of proud with what this little digital camera did for me. Either way, I wasn’t really aiming for the professional look or anything, just wanted to capture the activity or life (or lack thereof).

Named the set “SORA” meaning sky in Japanese. Obviously some didn’t have any sky, but I was trying hard to get the lighting and colours/ angles right. Some are off (well people were walking around and taking photos at the same time) – just tried to do the best. Well, it’s good for documenting my day anyway. SO YAY 😀


It’s made out of car parts! There was a really ridiculous blue wall behind this, and for some reason it just never occured to me to just take a picture from the other side (just walk around the sculpture) -_- DUH! So I took this.


Sunset Hero
For some reason I really liked this shot because it blurs the distinction between a real person and a sculpture.

An architectural shot more than anything else.


Grow with me
Obviously not an artsy fartsy shot. It was hard with people in the shot so I might as well make use of it. I particularly liked the little children around this seedling plant like sculture. It was nice.


Obviously one of the favourites of the day minus the drinking straw in the water (which I very miserably failed to take pictures of – the ocean was just too blue and rough – maybe I should edit them).

I have more, but I can’t be bothered because they either don’t have the sky in them, or I feel the shots are too in-between (I have a coloured shadow one I quite liked, but the angle wasn’t right, and there were people in the background, which makes it not quite there). Hopefully these few are alright and I can hope that my photography gets a bit better! Not too bad for a Sony Cybershot I suppose 🙂

We then headed back to the city to have dinner at ROLL+ and the bento was huge! I couldn’t finish the chicken, but it was really yummy!

Overall, today was SO FREAKING AWESOME. Had loads of fun despite the pain in my legs and feet.

Did you know that to be healthy you have to take about 10 000 steps a day?

Well, hopefully that means I’m more than healthy, because walking around Circular Quay and Bondi Beach to Tamarama and back – dayum. Oh, and I forgot to mention we stood the entire trip to and from Circular Quay on the free shuttle bus. Ouch 😛


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