Woke up in a bad mood

Title is self explanatory. Don’t really know why it happens, but it just did.


First, I was annoyed at that stupid $1.10 transaction still not clearing – then I got annoyed at the fact that Australia EMS (otherwise known as Express Post) doesn’t update their website often enough. I am expecting something like, NOW. It arrived in Sydney yesterday – I can’t imagine why an express parcel will be delayed at customs for more than a day. That defeats the purpose of it being “express”.

I was also trying to register a Sony Blue Ray player we got recently and their website is a mess. Please, if you are reading it, it’s not clear that you have to register for a My Sony account just to register a product. I’ve done it easily with 2 televisions and a camera online and I’ve had no problems, but this one was a mess simply because there was no promotion associated with it? Gosh. So yeah, if you are having trouble finding where you register your SONY products on their website, you have to register for My Sony – and to register to be a member you need to have purchased a SONY product (hence you register it).

I then went driving and I decided that I really suck at kerbside stops on hills. I get paranoid that the front of the car will bump into the kerb. ARGH. I need a miracle. Of course I am slowly improving, but I am just hoping that they won’t ask for something lame like that in the exam.

I also decided that my skin looks terrible in hot weather and that it should really be time for me to switch my skincare. But I can’t be stuffed since I still have a bit of that Shiseido stuff left. The last thing I want is to start a new product when I haven’t finished the old. It’s really irritating me.

The shampoo samples I got from sasa.com a while ago from a company named “Naomi” really suck too. I’m using the ginseng one, and it does not clean your hair well. It’s alright on a daily use basis, but not ideal if you like to skip days. I have only used it once and I think that the product really sucks.

I got an email from sasa.com this morning telling me that my order will be delayed up to 7-14 days because they are currently doing stocktake and will only process my order now. If that is the case, then maybe that is why the $1.10 transaction is still pending? Ugh. I want my shampoo darnit – my dad overtook my Shiseido shampoo and I would stock more of that if it was on sale – but no, OUT OF STOCK. DAMNIT. They gave me a code for a gift if I make another purchase any time soon, but I can only think of doing an echeque payment, because PayPal charges a fee for using a debit card (which is damn annoying). I’ll do it if they stock Shiseido SUPER MILD shampoo. Aaaand no surprises, it’s not on their catalogue.

Just checked Express Post again and my item is now scheduled for delivery. That means I get it on Monday. On Monday I am driving and will get home at about 12. UGH. I hope the address is okay too and they don’t get the postcode confused with my unit number (they probably wouldn’t, but I’m paranoid).

The good thing though is that my mum and dad both seem quite patient today, which is a surprise. I also got paid. Time to save it up! Oh, I am going to Fashion Weekend. Maybe I might end up buying something, but we’ll see. I really shouldn’t though, because I’m literally hanging on a bit of string. I’m quite in debt. I don’t get paid as often as I’d like to be.

Either way, tomorrow is going to be a full day. Hopefully driving in the morning, Fashion weekend, Sydney Flashmob (for 2PM’s Jaebum) and Bondi Beach Sculptures by the Sea. BUT THE THING IS I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR FOR TOMORROW =D

I realised that I have nothing to save up for. I no longer have any faith in going away on a holiday and it no longer interests me. I originally thought of a bag but the sum of money I need to save up for seems so far away and unreachable until a few months’ time. Oh well, sunglasses I suppose. And a haircut. Maybe I’ll work towards that.

Oh yeah, and after all this complaining I finally realised why I woke up in a bad mood – it was because before I fell asleep I was thinking, “man, my life sucks at the moment”. Yesterday I went to the Architectural Computing graduation exhibition as I was invited by a friend J. Along side her were 2 friendly chaps and her stunningly handsome boyfriend along with his adorable mother.



5 thoughts on “Woke up in a bad mood

      • thanks ,what about if the echeque doesnt clear by a specified date and the promotion already ended for some product , will i still get the promotion ? =/

        • There’s no such thing as an echeque needing to be cleared by a date unless you’re dealing with personal sellers like on soompi who require you to pay by their rules. If you paid for $X for a promotion, it’s still yours because you “paid” for it on that day. If I’m not mistaken PayPal echeques have now improved to be considered instant payments (I don’t know the process, but I’ve paid by echeque on sites and on ebay by accident, yet the seller gets funds instantly). What you buy is yours, unless of course, there’s no money in the echeque, which I doubt you’d do since you’re trying to buy 😉 Hope that helped~

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