Howdy! Driving and Anna Sui temptation

As most of you have figured out by now, I like to limit my posts to one topic each as much as possible. So as a result I’m going to only talk about my life so far (in the time I haven’t blogged) and I’ll write another post on something else. I’ll be introducing a new category, too – so watch for it!

My recent life so far as been spent splurging excessive amounts of moolah on the Internet. I just turned in my final design task and I will need to resubmit my history ones soon (I got my results back saying “Provisional grade: XX, you will get this if you fix your mistakes”) – at least everyone has to fix up their stuff and resubmit it. I’m not the only one. I’m a bit annoyed at one of them though – I didn’t particularly like that elective as much as the other (easily reflected in the results) but I have to do quite a lot just to get a standard mark. Argh.

Driving! I will need to practise looking over my shoulder. It sounds really stupid, but I have to do it. My test is slowly creeping up on me and it’s in a week. EEP! At least I can handle a car quite well now. I have a lot more confidence – before I was just uber freaked when I was driving our car. After driving someone else’s I kind of don’t care as much 😛

Anyway, back to the issue of money – I’ve done all my online orders now (I think) but I was tempted into buying something else more. OH DEAR SHOULD I GET AN ANNA SUI MIRROR?

The awesome classic chic black


Limited edition, pretty white

*diessss* I like them both. And they come in a set. BUT I AM IN NO WAY PAYING LIKE $55 FOR MIRRORS. My gosh that’s just such a rip. I could get about 10 handcreams from sasa or 5 bottles of OPI from ebay.

If you spend over $100 at the Anna Sui place at DFS you get a free rather small furry Anna Sui tote bag too! Ugh, I’m starting to be torn. There’s nothing else I particularly want from Anna Sui though. I was contemplating the brush holder, but really, $20+ for a plastic brush holder.. their makeup doesn’t interest me either. Maybe I should check strawberry net, though my net is capped and it’ll probably take ages for it to load. Bleh they don’t have it. But the body lotion is $22 and that sounds reasonable… I guess you can only get to the $100 mark if you like Anna Sui fragrances… maybe screw that tote bag and just buy one mirror? And if so, WHICH COLOUR? Please reply if you have a preference Dx It’ll help me ❤

SPEAKING OF WHICH – my mum seems to have given me the thumbs up for buying sunglasses 😀 Originally I thought she’s be totally against the idea, but I figured that I’d just wait until Christmas and sales. I know a place where I can get Gucci sunglasses 30% off (I KID YOU NOT) and I’m going to wait it out and see how they are going to go about it this year. If not, they have plenty of Dior sunglasses, which can be something I’ll consider. Admittedly though, I like the squareness of the Gucci sunglasses I tried on the other day, but I’ll see what other types there are. If all else fails, I’ll probably get it at the Gucci store if it’s at RRP. The only reason why I’d go elsewhere to get sunnies is because of discounts, right? Oh yeah, Myer sometimes has 30% off Dior sunglasses too. Any opinions? Dior is such a sunglasses brand – shall I betray the Gucci set by straying to Dior? (well damnit I already did with the LV bag)

So this is the end of my consumerist rambles. Next post coming up in about 5 minutes 😀


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