DHC Eyelash Tonic

About June (yes, that is right), I met up with Lingy and I was talking to her about how A made an order for MagicLash mascara fibres. What that is is a bottle that looks like a mascara bottle but inside it’s full of fluffy stuff. You put on a mascara base, and while it’s wet you tap on these fibres. Then you coat your lashes with mascara and your lashes are magically extended. There’s no doubt that it’s awesome because the results are good without false eyelashes or glue. MagicLash can be expensive at about $20US a tube though, but given it’s a dry thing, it lasts until you finish it. Another doubt is that it makes your lashes clumpy so you will need a spoolie to brush out the stray fibres. Another thing to note is that it makes your mascara dry out very fast, which is what happened to mine. In a way it’s good – it forced me to just use a new one (because you’re only supposed to use them for 3 months but I totally ignore that rule).

I then went on to say that I was going to order something that’d make my eyelashes longer – so I don’t have to go to all that trouble of putting on this fluff (btw it really hurts if you get that stuff in your eyes).

So I ordered DHC Eyelash Tonic.

Oh, and no secrets, my new category is going to be “beauty”. Because I have so much cosmetic crap lying around, I didn’t even realise I didn’t have a category for it.


DHC Eyelash Tonic is a Japanese invention/ product. Its aim is NOT to extend your eyelashes – it is to make eyelashes thicker and healthier like a conditioner for the lashes. Somehow though, they realised that because it thickens the eyelashes (especially at the ends where it is thin and usually can only be seen when you add mascara), it gives the idea that through this nutritional kind of tonic, you get longer eyelashes.

So, does it lengthen, or does it merely condition and thicken?

My answer: BOTH.

My eyelashes are noticeably thicker and longer – and this can be most evident with my bottom lashes. Before I thought my bottom lashes were nice because they were long, but now they are about 3/4 the length of my top lashes (a pretty crazy increase in length) and they are growing thicker too.

I only used it for about 2 weeks and I saw an improvement in this. I stopped using it for a while because I just got lazy, but I’m going to finish the tube since I don’t want to waste my money. I think there’s still room for my lashes to grow even more.

Now I don’t use MagicLash and I think my lashes are satisfactorily long. If I want them even longer, I’ll use MagicLash as a temporary boost. I don’t like the idea of wearing false lashes because I don’t like the idea of glue near my eye. Just to let you know on something, in architecture we sometimes use a glue named Zap-a-gap. It’s a tiny bottle and the glue smells really strong but the consistency is that of water. That stuff can bond 2 items together within 2 seconds flat. I heard if you get Zap-a-gap in your eye, it will glue your eyelid to your eyeball.

This is why I do not own Zap-a-gap. It’s NOT something you’d want to use at 4am in the morning and then rub your eyes with from lack of sleep.

Anyway back to DHC Eyelash Tonic – it works. Even if you don’t get the results you were hoping for, your eyelashes are healthier because it’s like conditioning them. You can also use it as a base before mascara as a protective coat.

How many times a day do you use it? As many times as you want. Now that I’m at home, I will lounge around and just apply it whenever I feel bored. The best time is to apply it at night before you sleep.

A few things that may make you not like DHC Eyelash Tonic: the smell of it smells like rice wine or some sort of alcohol, it may sting if it gets into your eye (but you get used to it that you don’t feel it anymore – it’s just an initial thing), you may have a reaction to it.

Where to buy?

I got mine from ebay and it was about $17AUD shipped from Hong Kong which isn’t a bad deal. www.sasa.com also sells it periodically (as you may or may not know, they like to remove things from their online catalogue without notice and readd them when they feel like it). The bottom line is, it should not cost you more than $18AUD shipped. They will also sell this stuff around Sydney in AKA or those small cosmetic booths, but I can almost guarantee they will sell it for $25AUD or more. I highly and strongly suggest you buy it from ebay – it’s probably a lot cheaper now since the exchange rate is very good (FAR OUT IT IS NOW 92US cents and I put in a huge amount of order on the weekend OTLL), and the prices on ebay tend to drop rapidly (I managed to buy for my friend a bottle of Skin79 Super BB cream for only $14.50AUD shipped from Korea and that stuff is usually $20 online or $49 at the shops here).

DHC Eyelash Tonic is a worthy investment, even for just healthy lashes. I’ll continue using this tube and then I won’t buy it again – I won’t need it cuz I think my lashes will be already long enough 😀

PS: I love how my net still uploads freakily fast. BEST FOR BLOGGING ❤

PPS: Just rechecked the prices and the eyelash tonic is disgustingly cheap now 😛 Jussst kidding ❤ Use of superlatives 😉 Do not pay more than $14AUD shipped! You could probably get it for $12AUD shipped – but of course, weigh up the % reliability of the seller and make sure you’re getting full size via AIR MAIL. Anything else will be slug mail (if not registered or express) Read the fine print! HAVE FUN 😀


4 thoughts on “DHC Eyelash Tonic

    • Sorry to hear that because it really worked for me 😦 I have read that some people have applied a light coat of Vaseline and that has worked for growing lashes – perhaps that might be a better solution… it’s always best to try it on a small area first though just in case.

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