A new beginning

Today I decided to take down my Dir en grey poster.

After a musical love affair that lasted 3 years and  their discography up until that point, the relationship rapidly fizzled when I entered University.

The poster had been up on my wall for about 6 years now, and I think it’s time to take it down.


 The white parts on the poster are bits of dust (forshame, and yes I have cleaned it up and safely put it somewhere else for storage).

The poster saw me through bad times and good times as it is just to my right when I am using my computer. Now at the corner of my eye there is a strange blank spot there that will take time to adapt to. 6 years is not a short amount of time, but I feel in a way if I keep the poster on my wall, I will tend to view and analyse everything from the negative perspective first.

I think I need something more brighter – just a little bit more.


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