Sigh. Expenditure.

I’m going to start from the beginning even though I want to start off with a nice photograph of my whiteboard. But whatever.


So C kindly gave me this bar of Likas Papaya soap (well gave wasn’t a really good word to use, more like bought for me because I paid them back sort of because I got a discount for Windows 7~bleh, complicated LOL)

This stuff is so powerful o_o When she told me (more than once) to moisturise afterwards, I was thinking “man, it’s just some soap, can’t be that strong!” – THIS STUFF ACTUALLY MADE MY LEGS PEEL. Literally, I can see skin peeling off and even though I have dry legs (that look like cracked earth on a desert), NEVER have I seen it peel. My hands were also feeling particularly dry (though squeaky clean) and I had to put on some hand cream. Everywhere else, I could tolerate.

I think it’s working. Though C  told me that it would be about 2 weeks before I see results, I think it’s already working a bit. My fingers are getting to a closer colour to my hands (I hate my hands, for some reason they are so dark) and well, skin peeling is already a sign. Cannot wait for more!

But seriously, thanks so much to them ❤ Came around to drop it off on a Saturday lol.

So Monday presentations?


This is my presentation.

I know it’s at an angle, but at the time someone else was standing in the nice spot and I decided to take a snap anyway. I would have done it later in the day, but it was pinned in the corridor so there’s little space for me to take a front on photograph. Maybe next time at the exhibition (if it gets exhibited) – I’ll then take a front on photograph. It was actually a fairly big presentation lol – those are concrete blocks in the image, not bricks 😛

And here is the funny photograph I was talking about:


The photograph itself isn’t that funny, but the story  behind it was.

Anyway, that’s a photograph of 2 holes in the ceiling. What happened was when I won the second round of pool, I was like YAY \o/ (physically) and I poked the ceiling with a thud with my cue stick. I didn’t hit it that hard, but if it did do anything (I’m not saying it did!) then it would be the circle I circled.

My friend D whom I was playing with was telling me he did the exact same thing, from poking the ceiling to also photographing it.

❤ Lolness.

Today I went shopping, to pay off my driving lessons. I stopped by mostly for David Jones but there wasn’t anything on sale, and I was seduced by Myer. All the pretty Christmas presents are out and I decided to get myself something. I didn’t want to particularly use Marc Jacobs Daisy too much (the scent is weak, and it was given to me by my ex, so it’s not really something I’d like to particularly smell and remember), Burberry Brit Sheer was limited edition and was the first perfume I bought. I thought the fragrance was fresh and the bottle is pink and cute – what else can I ask for? But the scent is very strong as in long lasting. I was surprised I could still smell it after about 10 hours. I gather my parents don’t really like the scent that much and can pick up on it.

Given that, I was reading Marie Claire the other day about scents and I admit I was a little too lazy to go around and have a look at what was available because I was feeling pressed for time. For some reason I settled on DKNY Fresh Blossom almost straight away and I liked it. It was floral but sweet, and it was fresh. I hate musky scents because they give me migraines. I decided to get a gift set for myself because it came with a 100ml lotion. At first I thought it was a shower gel, but I guess by luck, I grabbed the right one. I have no use for a shower gel.

I GOT RIPPED! I misread the tag and thought the fragrance was 100ml, but it’s only 50ml 😦 Sucks! I think it should be a permanent line anyway. If it is, I’ll go get the 100ml bottle any time. But for the meantime, I think it’s worth it for the body lotion. I hardly use perfume anyway unless I feel like it, and 50ml should be more than enough. On top of that, I no longer really like the brand DKNY for its initials and the meaning behind those initials, but still, they have some of the best fragrances so I’ll go for it. I like the smell, and that’s that. At least it’s just a perfume and nothing something else.

In any case, the 100ml is $120ish and I think the 50ml is $75ish. I paid $105 for this set (regrettably, via eftpos, such an impulsive buy). Oh well, guess it’s alright. The tin can is cute, but I would have rathered a box. Speaking of which, I totally forgot to check out the limited edition Nina Ricci apple perfume thing – it has swarovski crystals on it! Ah well. This one smells good and I quite like it. Though I had always thought of getting a Gucci perfume just for the tag that is attached – those are handy and can be recycled to make other things or hang from your bag. Bleh.


Sorry for the craptastic quality. It is night time and I couldn’t get the right settings. I got it half right with the low light scene, but I think the setting must have automatically gotten rid of macro. Not too sure. OH AND IT’S PINK ❤

Speaking of which there was a rude Myer worker. I was looking at her because I wanted to pay for my stuff, and she just looked back and said “hi” and stood to a side. Another guy was just chatting on the phone. I asked one of the guys who was giving out perfume samples – and he was so kind to take me to the counter which was about 5m away (didn’t know there was a counter there) even though he could have just pointed me in that direction. He was awesome ❤


I went to Maruya and literally bought all of the organisors they had in store – they only had 6 of them >_< Anyway, I also decided to get myself a whiteboard because if you scroll back up to the Likas soap image, you would have noticed a piece of paper with lots of writing under my cutting mat. Well, instead of having to doodle like that, I figured it would be smart to just get a whiteboard. And check out the marker – it comes with its own sponge so you can clean the board with it!


❤ Detail.

The hook was the same one that I talked about last time that could be used for hanging stuff. I know it’s intended to be used vertically, but why not horizontally? Nifty.


And no, you’re not looking at a photograph taken by someone living in Japan 😦

That’s what my wardrobe looks like so far – it’s a bit retro (like 80s or 70s style or typically Japanese), but it’s neat. I can find what I want and I can get it fast without having to crouch down to find and literally dig through piles of clothes. I wish there were more of those organisors for sale, because I still have a lot of clothes I’d like to hang (though for weak reasons such as just wanting to put them into pockets – not very necessary). Oh well, it’s all there – I can rearrange it later when I get more Zipia \o/

Okay so tomorrow:

– Driving lesson
– Sass and Bide warehouse sale – I may or may not buy anything, because I am seriously running very low on cash. Splurging the $105 on a set was the least of my intentions but I am really desperate to just have a signature fragrance of my own.
– More cleaning and more organising
– Possibly going to order something online as soon as funds get into Paypal and I can convert my AUD to USD depending on the rate. Most likely I’d order ASAP if the rate is good – then I can get my order within a week.

I was contemplating on a $650 2nd hand Canon 450D, but when I told my mum about it she told me my SONY camera was good enough and I did waste about $370 on a Pentax film camera about a year or two just before I got my SONY. The SONY camera quality wouldn’t compare to the 450D, but she’s right – even though the price is very tempting and more than reasonable, that $650 can go a long way. I could renovate my entire wardrobe with that, or get my mum a bag. I could possibly get a mobile phone from Capitol. If anything, I’ll think about it when I have money again. My cash flow has been very poor lately and that was after I paid for half of my own driving lessons. Poor poor money. What happened to the days when I could just buy and buy and buy? Argh.

Gotta start saving – after I do all my online orders.


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