My sanctuary

So I finally got my presentation together, cept there’s a catch – the print guy hasn’t replied me yet. I’m just hoping that he wakes up early enough to see my file in his inbox, print it, and be able to give it to me on time (I said 10am). If I don’t see a reply from him by 9am, I’m going to have to just ring him x_x

If he has done all the bonus cookies and all, I’ll give him bonus marks and I’ll advertise him on this wordpress blog. Admittedly I’ve been an annoying customer, and rightfully so, because you’d be surprised that the printer person actually determines how you do your presentation. If they print to the edges, you can have your way however the hell you want. If they don’t, then you’re doomed and you have to spend an extra half hour or so doing paper size calculations and figuring out a way of fitting your drawing onto the sheet without it being sliced in half or missing a chunk.

Anyway, given that printing people (obviously) have their own lives and sleeping time, I’ll just leave it until the next day (though he did say his business was 24 hours 7 days a week, surcharges after 2am, meaning he should be awake until 2am – hmmm).

I’ll wake up at 7:30am (that’s in 5 hours) to wake up and put together my powerpoint and also my model or set of models (depending on how fast I can make them, which is probably not very fast). I’ll also need to pack my laptop and bring it with me tomorrow to check its compatibility with the monitor screen (yes, can you believe that this is how much trouble we are going to for a 5 minute presentation? The weighting of about 60% begs to differ though).

Anyway, just recapping the day apart from not stressing myself nearly as much as I’d hoped to, I was very lucky to have C, R, L and L to visit me 😀 I got my copy of Windows 7 (32 bit so it’ll have to be for the laptop – which in a way is a good thing, because my laptop is no doubt slower than the desktop), Boys over Flowers on DVD (means I can watch it on TV), Atashinichi no michikicki LOL JK I can’t remember the name – I think it was Atashinichi no Danshi, a bar of Likas Papaya soap and a sample of Misha Perfect cover BB cream. I feel so loved ;-; Almost pregnant in a way. Like, I can’t leave the house, so friends come by and drop of necessities. A bit like that, only I’m not pregnant, and I am just busy with design. HAHA.

But seriously, thanks so much guys – you guys are so awesome D: I mean, I’m talking about friends here – my ex wouldn’t even visit my place voluntarily. I had to make him take me home -_- Not all the time, but seriously. U_U

Yes that is how bitter I am D:

If I’m so busy why do I have time to type this up? WELL IT’S 2:30AM THAT IS WHY. I would rather blog than sleep at the moment.

And the no reply from the printing is worrying me. Maybe he gets up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet and miraculously discover the message, or he might be playing DOTA right now. I am opting for DOTA.

Anyway, LIKAS PAPAYA SOAP – can you believe people sell a bar of that stuff for about $6? Shipping is about $4.20 (regular parcel) or $6 for a satchel. THE BAR COSTS ONLY $3.30! No doubt it’s more expensive than your normal Dettol soap, but it’s cheaper than that stuff made out of goat cheese or whatever from LUSH. But anyway, I had no idea they even sold these things in Sydney – luckily C buys it regularly and somehow by chance I mentioned it and found out it’s available. OR ELSE I WOULDA PAID $12 for a $3.30 bar of soap O_O

But apparently it’s really good and works. Whitens really well, it’s 100% organic and it has won a shizzload of awards – or so the packaging suggests with all the awards logos on the package (easily downloadable from google, methinks). But I trust it, heard that people have gotten good results from it (and it works because it makes you as dry as a flakey scalp TEEHEE excuse my crude humour, I get a bit funny when it’s nearing 3am, usually). I will give it a try on Tuesday – that is when I will wake up from about 13 hours non stop uninterrupted sleep 😛

This semester’s design hasn’t been that bad considering I’ve been sleeping every night. I’m not really sure how I’ll go in comparison to the others, but at the moment I’m pretty pleased with what I have, and I’m amazed at how a little rearranging can do for a presentation layout. Hopefully it will stand out amongst the rest a little more than I’m expecting it to.


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