It’s 7:30am!

I can’t believe I woke up on time. I’m so proud of myself! As a result I’m gonna reward myself with an extra hour of sleep. Got a message from the printing at 6:30am, which probably explained the croaky noises I heard, thought were freaky, and then ignored in my sleep. It was probably my phone on silent… my tofu has completed  rotated because of it >.>

Today is modelling day! But I decided it can only be done with the drawings. So I’ll sleep, come alive at 8:30am, get ready, eat breakfast, do my powerpoint, and then hack some materials until 10am. I think that sounds like a plan 🙂 I’ll be going to pick up my drawings at around 10-11am, so I will try to get a lift to save time 😀


Also seeing people’s msn messages… really don’t reflect their display pics. I’ve seen perspectives for yonks and people make it sound like they have nothing… seems like they have… everything o_o

PS: I just realised with this theme that my blogroll has disappeared off the surface. I will change the theme soon. I liked the top posts thing, it was nifty. Oh well.


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