After thinking about “that” matter too much, I am going back to having doubts about the whole situation. Sigh. I need to make up my mind.

Anyway, another design day. Things are brightening up! I figured out a way of doing a plan without actually having to do one (involves Photoshop), and I figured while I’m at it I finish off my montages and other stuff. I think a diagrammatic montage plan will be good for the purposes of this studio, since we’re always told we’re not an architectural firm drawing drawings for tender – I’m assuming that means we can use any representational modes to communicate our design. If that’s the case, I’m elated.

Gotta do a really complex diagram and arrange a table of stuff I’ve included. It’s gonne be hectic, but I think I can finish this! I set my deadline at Saturday 1am, because if I send my drawings to the printing guy after 2am, I get charged $30 surcharge 😛 After that I can pick the drawings up on Sunday morning and squeeze in a model in the afternoon since it’s due in from 4-5pm! SOUNDS LIKE AN AWESOME PLAN.


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