More stats

Don’t ask me why, but I love the nifty little stats page where I can see how people get to my site. In fact, seems like there are quite a few views – almost 330 views for the past 3 months or so this blog has been alive (well, at least I think it’s 3 months if not 4). That means uhm *calculates quickly* 3ish views per day. Which isn’t bad since I don’t even know how the heck sites got to this page to get my posts and plagiarise them 😛 Oh and according to wordpress, they don’t count my own views to my own page (something I do very regularly to just read what I’ve just written – typing in this tiny box to blog irritates me because I can’t figure out what is before or next).

Anyway, firstly, I am an avid checker of hotmail. As soon as I see an email in my inbox, I HAVE TO CLICK IT. To my disappointment, the comment wasn’t really a useful one 😦


… Love potions? If it really worked then maybe I’d give it a go, but it sounds more like a virus to me anything else. LOL GETIT.. LOVE… VIRUS? 😀


Anyway, stats!


Someone searched on wordpress for blogs inside wordpress on kissing tips?!


Usually I dig out these stats or how did you find me tags/ search phrases so maybe I can answer them in retrospect, but I think I might pass on that one. That’s a bit too disturbing.

But if you want some tips, make sure you brushed your teeth, don’t salvitate too much and relax. *thumbs up*

Another stat that interested me is that people are going to get their free edited sample of DETAIL magazine. Thanks for the interest and for clicking on the link – if you guys ever come back, it’d be nice to leave me a comment to let me know you’ve received it. But I’ll guess you guys won’t ever come back – unless I get another free issue of DETAIL –  HA!

PS: I changed the layout theme because the columns were too narrow for me to put pictures into. If only I could figure out the css on wordpress – but I read somewhere you could only do it if it was a paid account? Or something confusing like that anyway.


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