Country Story

There are lots of farming applications out there and the one that I play is made by Playfish called Country Story. From my memory, Happy Farm was the first one that came out, then came Farmville (and Farm Town), and then Country Story. There are plenty of other games out there, but we’ll just name these three – I think most people play Farmville.

I’ve played all of the ones I’ve mentioned above, but the interface that satisfied me the most was Country Story. Happy Farm has since upgraded its graphics, but I think Country Story is cute since you can decorate your farm and also rear up animals and actually see yourself plotting the farm or pulling out adorable looking radishes. I liked Farm Town because you can’t steal anything from anyone, meaning that there’d be less conflict between users. But I guess people just like the idea of stealing stuff.

Anyway, recently (as in the past month or so), Country Story/ Playfish have implemented a new feature that is at the start of every game (should be +11 GMT) – there are 2 parcel bundles and you randomly click on one, and there’s food inside. The interesting thing about Country Story is that your character needs food to have enough energy to sow seeds and steal stuff, so food is crucial in this game. However, food is quite expensive – different types of food give you different amounts of energy replenishment.

The lowest is a corn cob, which gives you 10 energy points (you can plot 2 plots of land with that – so it’s not a lot at all, or sow 5 seeds). Needless to say, a corn cob is the cheapest food available – but even “cheap” is quite expensive. I think it’s roughly the cost of selling 80 radishes or something.


Now pardon me, what was the point of even making me guess?

I’ve been getting corn cobs or sausages (second lowest food) for the past TWO TO THREE WEEKS – if it’s not a corn or a sausage, then it’s a lemonade (third lowest food). The best I’ve ever gotten was something that gave me 100 energy like bread or something – I have NEVER EVER gotten a salad bowl or anything. NEVER. Where are the fish platters to replenish 300 energy?

If you’re reading this Playfish, and the food selection is “randomised” then I highly suggest you change the coding and up the possibility of getting a fish platter or something, because almost a month of getting corn cobs or sausages or lemonades is RIDICULOUS. You might say that it’s all randomised, but from my experience, it begs to differ.

Until then, I’ll be continuing to collect my eggs and bottles of milk and hope that I have oodles of money to buy decorations and stuff.

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