Omg, that was close – almost swallowed a hard lolly whole

I was gonna say how awesome these lollies were until I almost swallowed it whole o_o It once happened when I ate one of those Extra lollies and I’m not gonna let it happen again!

Anyway, to dear Lingy, I’m not getting less busier at all 😛 I’m meant to do design (due next Sunday) – only have a week left! However procrastination is over, I only have a week, there is no time for play 😉

Today was my last day of freedom. Decided to go photoshooting with some friends but it ended up being the same trio as last Saturday consisting of myself, C and R – the lovely couple ❤ They make my day 😀

Had some relationship advice from them over lunch at Azuma. I feel bad for asking people for advice because I feel like I’m making excuses why I shouldn’t take it. I need to swallow my pride or something. I’m scared more than anything else. Argharghargh.

We were mostly shooting – it was fun. Because of the rain we were mostly doing internal shots with reflective materials and all. I am looking forward to seeing them because they seemed awesome!

Then because of rain and lack of internal places to shoot stuff, we decided to drop into Maruya again. I found lots of stuff in one of the aisles – I didn’t even check it out last time!


Thanks to R for the Choco-gummies! They’re like chocolate coated jelly beans 😀 I almost choked on those “any time” mint lollies (they are actually minty!) – not bad, less than $3 for the packet. So the stuff on the right are from the $2.50 store – I got a canvas organisor, for the tops that have been hogging coat hangers but are never actually worn. I’ll use it for the stuff that can’t be stretched or crinkled. A hand massager for $2.50! It’s pretty comfy and you can use it anywhere – the massager bumps aren’t large enough though. Probably not as effective as the cell rollers I imported last time, but it’s good for say the thighs or something since my thighs are way too big for the cell roller (I tried it once, not a good idea unless you want scratches on your skin). There is  a thigh cell roller, but I can’t be bothered having a small and a big cell roller. This one has better control I guess. If only the bumps were bigger. Oh well. I got a blade with 5 refills (I don’t actually have a small blade), a hand sanitiser spray (yes $2.50! Cheaper than Dettol rubbing alcohol which is like $4 something), and a box of bobby pins.

The left I got a packet of “summer throat lollies” – whatever that means, and also a packet of limited edition peach flavoured Hi-Chew 😀

I can’t wait for today’s photos to be posted online! Bet they’re awesome 😉

And if I’m brave, I’ll post a few up with my face scribbled out 😛

We were at Dixon ONE and there was a store selling everything for $10. There was a fake LV Multi-colore clutch 😛 The funny part was the gold plaque, it said “LOUIS VUITTON 5 CANTON ROAD HONG KONG”

– facepalm-


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