MC HotDog – 谢谢YAHOO


FOR LYRICS, GO TO–-谢谢yahoo-lyrics/

And besides, even if you don’t click the link here, it’s easily searchable on Youtube. Heck, they even have it at karaoke here. Tried singing it once, realised the lyrics were not appropriate and that I failed at rapping and quit the song promptly after about 2-3 lines. Ha.

I’ve been debating for a while whether or not I’d post my thoughts on this song, but I guess I’ll go ahead and do so since it’s not really my fault MC HotDog decided to film his MV like that. I think the dingy lighting and masked girls makes the whole thing even shadier than it was in the first place. The first time I saw the MV for about 20 seconds was at K. Was very shocked at the MV, and will continue to be. The beginning was okay – with MC HotDog wearing his hood and stuff. But eerrr yeah.

That aside, this is a hip hop song. Hip hop comes with many connotations, and do not be surprised, the provocative is edging into Chinese music too (or Taiwanese if you want to be pragmatic). Sure they censored a lot of the words in the music (gaps in vocals), and they even substituted some of the words for other words that sound similar but mean different things. I’m sure a lot of US MVs are far worse. I think it’s only shocking because it’s coming from an Asian artist – that is all.

Anyway, I thought this song was interesting firstly because I thought it sounded good – has a really seductive kind of beat and rhythm to it. It was only later when I listened in on the lyrics that I realised this is a really really twisted, perverted and rather dirty song. I’m surprised he was even allowed to make a MV out of it (but then again JJ got to sing about killing people and the thrill from doing so), let alone perform it live (there are lives I think on youtube, but I haven’t gotten round to watching it).

Lyrics? Firstly, the song name means “Thank you Yahoo” and it’s basically a girl and a guy perspective on relationships generated from the Internet. From some of the Youtube comments it seems that the song is reflecting a modern condition in Taipei – basically the Internet (or so MC HotDog would lovingly call Yahoo) is a way of hooking up with other people. The girl starts off singing something like “hey I never knew it was this fun to play around – finally met him at a popular nightclub in the Eastern suburbs. You got me drunk and I let down all my guard”. I won’t translate any more. I don’t want to. >_>

MC HotDog’s part then goes to say so they all go to the hotel – wonder what goes on.

No secret, the MV is pretty much screaming it out.

So then the song isn’t really that superficial, it  talks about how Yahoo can actually have its dangers and its benefits – an Otaku can have his springtime (haha funny direct translation, but you get it), pedophiles pick up young girls, and there are wolves preying out there so you’d better be careful and not count money for him. I know my translation sucks at the moment, but it’s the general idea and I’m making sense. Another funny part I think was that MC HotDog also brings attention to the fact that what you think you have gotten on the Internet may not be what you get – for example, he says most women are large chested whereas the girl part says “might as well have all the guys be like 183Club”. NB: 183Club is a popular Taiwanese boy band deemed good looking. I think actually only one of them is good looking, but anyway 😛

So yeah. The MV is disturbing. I’m NOT going to be responsible for immature people clicking the MV, watching it and uproared by it. It hasn’t been flagged onYoutube for being inappropriate, and you were warned.

The point of this post is – well, I’m surprised I actually quite like the song. It sounds really nitty gritty and dirty, but there’s actually a bit more to it when you dig into the lyrics a bit more. I don’t like like the song, but I guess what I’m saying is even if it’s something repulsive like that, there’s always something good in something bad. Yes? Yes? 🙂


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