Mostly Friday in rapidfire

Today I went to lunch with a friend M because I placed an order with her – so I picked up my items.

We ordered from (click for lots of image spammage). It was my first time ordering from Zipia, but I heard that there were good quality items – it’s a little pricey, but you get what you pay for. There’s a minimum order of $300US, so it’s wise to pool in your purchase with a group of people if you only want a few things.

Anyway, I’ll post up images after I finish my assignment, but the quality is SOOOOO GOOD. It comes all in plastic packaging and everything’s folded nice and flat (like all places but anyway) – you can see the quality of the stitches through the plastic, but when you actually take it out of the packaging, then you can feel the quality. Holy smokes I now have a blazer! There are a few random buttons on it that I’m not too sure about, so I might consider removing them. To be honest, I have no idea why they’re there in the first place – but the blazer fits perfectly, is made of awesome material and has lining and pockets that actually work! I ordered another light jacket that is thin, but awesome material – it’s more commonly a pants material, but it dries and washes amazing. Got two large dress like tops that will definitely work for a photoshoot (one is a bit more formal/ clubby than the other) and a pair of leggings and a ribbon clip.

OMG I FINALLY HAVE LEGGINGS THAT AREN’T STOCKINGS IN DISGUISE. Well it’s hard to say since I haven’t tried them on yet, but they’re the best I’ve ever had. As for the ribbon clip I can only use it when my hair grows long enough for me to make a huge bun on the top of my head. And even so, I’m not too sure if I can even pull it off :\ But it’s there and I know it’ll come in handy esp if it’s just for a shoot – it’s easy to get stuff for photoshoots because it means I can be out of character for just a day or so.

My mum also picked up my Hello Kitty mouse from the Post Office today! It’s sooooo not the real thing, but whatever, it works and it’s pretty cute. Explains why it’s only $7. Even so I rather $7 from ebay than from Market City – they ripped me off for my Microsoft mouse! I paid $20 for it, but at Harvey Norman I can get it for $18 – once it was discounted to $12. RIDICULOUS. NEVER BUYING FROM MARKET CITY. They will rip you off for small things. Their CDs/DVDs and pocket sleeves are cheap though. Maybe I was unlucky and went into the wrong shop to get the mouse.

I also got myself a Driving Instructor. Didn’t expect to be paying upfront (they use a coupon system, which is actually quite clever – had no idea they’d think of such a system) so I went ahead and paid for 7 lessons. I’ll be back up there in a few weeks’ time to pay the other 3 lessons and 2 licence tests. At the moment I specified one lesson per week. I think after design is over, I’ll be taking two lessons a week. I don’t really need to do all that much I guess, 30 hours already and I can control a car quite well. Oh and the best part is that my test will be at B – my friend R recommended it. He did it there and said that there was nothing but just driving along roads/ streets – no school zones, and the test was really quick.

Hopefully I will get my Ps by the end of the year – early December, perhaps! *fingers crossed*


One thought on “Mostly Friday in rapidfire

  1. Good luck for your driving test! I’m sure you’ll give your TOP performance. 😉 HAHA, his name is so awesome for puns. ❤

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