TOP love

Not really TOP love. I’m running out of things to say (ACTUALLY THAT IS A LIE, HOW CAN I STOP FANGIRLING AT THIS RATE?!) but question: how did Big Bang gain popularity?

Unlike 2NE1, they weren’t really an explosive already going to be popular sensation. They actually got famous about 1.5 years after their debut, thanks to this song:

I LOVE TOP SITTING IN A SHOPPING TROLLEY. But it’s a good clip with a strange twist towards the end.


I’m going to watch the episodes of KM Idol where Big Bang are on as guests. TOP looks soooo cute when he is trying to keep a straight face and not trying to laugh 😀 And he makes the funniest jokes ever ❤ I’ll post anything interesting later in the days to come 😀

But yes, TOP’s upcoming drama is coming up. He plays a guy named Vick (sp?) who is an assassin in awesome aqua coloured suits and all. HAWT. I was planning on not watching it but now I have second thoughts. I want to see!


PS: The sunglasses in the clip above TOP is wearing is a limited edition shade from Louis Vuitton. COVET COVET COVET but unavailable in Australia 😛 (and prolly too much $$$ :P)



Damn, a collab between Pharrell and Nigo… no wonder it’s so BAPE ish.

Just checked ebay… a pair is going for $5000USD… CRAZY! D:

I’d rather a pair of Chanel sunnies! You’d get Swarovski crystals and all for about $1000AUD…


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