Today, Midseason sales have started. Officially.

Country Road is up to 40% off (to be honest I don’t like their clothing – the best thing they’ve done is popularise their large bags, but other than that I don’t like them), Myer’s sale started today, and there are some really ridiculous reductions at David Jones, with some items more than 50% off depending on what it is.

Of course it means massive haulage time! But funnily enough, everything I got was stuff that wasn’t on sale.

I’ve been mostly wearing a single pair of Nike shoes for quite some time now. The reason being is that I like the colours and the style, and also because they are comfortable. I sacrificed my Converses to go back to Nike. Actually, I wore Nike since I was a kid. The only other sneaker brand I’ve bought was a pair of Pumas but I threw them out after wearing them barely 10 ten times (I am not sure why but I think they were too macho).

I have a real fear about Nike high tops – I don’t like the proportions of the Air Forces – I call it “Dinosaur Feet”. You know when you wear a pair of shoes and it makes you taller, but it also triangulates your foot because of the shoe’s profile? That’s what I mean.

Anyway, I’ve been a dud – I’ve sneaked in and out of Espionage on three occasions already and perved on the same pair of shoes. I would have gotten them earlier, but as soon as I saw the “Made in China” part I backed out. I’m sorry, I know “Made in China” isn’t that bad because most things are made in China, but I’m picky with my shoes – we’ve had a history of buying Chinese made Nike shoes (well my dad has) and the glue and stuff came off it pretty soon. Though it could have just been a coincidence, we didn’t want to risk it again. My dad was the type to buy the most expensive type of shoe because he would stand long hours and he would keep that pair (and alternate with others) for many many years. He still has all his shoes.

Of course, I’m young and spunky, I’m not interested in how much it costs – let me rephrase, I don’t care if I’m buying a cheap shoe in comparison to another type of shoe (MX and TNs are about $240  – anything more hi-tech than that would be more). In fact, the most I’d pay for a pair of shoes happens to be $160ish.

My mum recently bought a pair that happened to be made in China and she says it’s the best pair of shoes she’s ever worn. Maybe after about 10 years, their quality control is a bit better? I don’t know.

So I decided to go try them on. Quite admittedly, not very soft (they have no air, nothing at all cept the fact that the shoe is part leather and I like that) and a bit strange (feel like astronaut boots, only not so) but they were okay. I mean, what do you expect out of a leather shoe anyway? Those are never squishy.

So I went ahead and bought it. First time buying at Espionage, but the price was reasonable, considering (over)HYPE(d) DC did charge $140 for a low cut Adidas shoe which later on was spotted at David Jones on sale for less than $80. A pair of ankle cuts at $150 is not expensive, at all (not to mention the leather part of it – I don’t know why but it’s two pairs in a row made from leather – better bang for the buck?)


Sorry for the strange colours in the photo. It was taken indoors with indoor lighting. The shoe colour is roughly accurate I guess.

It’s a type of shoe I’d normally not buy. I have a suspicion they do give the impression of dinosaur feet – especially since I have small feet… the triangular effect is further extremified. But hopefully I will pull it off. Well, N said I could pull it off, so I’ll trust her 🙂

Prior to that we did some random shopping. Before I met up with N I went to the Japanese supermarket Maruya for some $2.50 goods (there were a lot of cleaning goods I think that could be useful for the stupid dust storm aftermath, but I didn’t get any of those because I was awed by the selection it was beyond my mind how they could only charge $2.50 for say, a squeegee).

After I met with N we went to Myer, and on our way down to lunch I stopped by at Missha to check out their new nail polishes.


My wall texture is sexy. But anyway, natural lighting so better colours.

The new Missha polishes are much better than the old formula. Their website says something like it having coral powder and what not to moisturise the nail and some anti pollution mechanism but I’m not gonna buy into any of that. They are $3.90 each (the old ones were $2.90, but they were a nightmare to use). The metallic/ shimmer nail polishes are $4.90, but I think I prefer the solid one coloured polishes that I tried on. If you’re into pastels, I will recommend Missha – the new formula goes on quite smoothly and the colour looks even better when it’s dried. Few streaks (the streaks you see are from the dry testers – and you know what it’s like trying to paint with a dry brush), if you’re lucky one coat will do the trick. The old line would take 3 coats and it would still be blotchy. Yuck.

But I miss Chloe the SA! She used to give me samples and everything. She gave good advice, too. Today I got my Missha membership card rejected because I could only use it if I bought over $10. Boo. I was such a good regular customer 😦 It was so long since I’ve been to Missha I’ve forgotten everything about them. Chloe was definitely the best :\ But now she’s working for BLUSH – probably even having some share in the business.

I have a feeling I might go back for more colours. I really like them!



So this was the haulage apart from the shoes (and minus 2 shower caps). I got a Fortune Cat mobile charm from the supermarket (also $2.50, which is freaking ridiculous since the cat is so damn cute and made out of porcelain), and a set of 3 markers (all 3 for $2.50). I got the beige and pastel purple Missha The Style nail polishes.

N and I went to Chilli Cha Cha Thai restaurant to eat. It was good – best pad thai I’ve had in a while though it did taste different to other pad thais I’ve had (this was spicy had onions and different type noodles). Best thing is that you get a free drink from the menu, so I got pad thai and a drink for $9. In the city. What I realised though is that some people ordered pad thais as well and didn’t get their free drinks. I have a suspicion you only get it if you ask the waitress – in reality, it should be the waitress asking you if you’d like a drink. To be fair though, giving out a drink for free is quite bizarre ($3 worth). Maybe they’re better off saying +$1 and you get to choose a drink. But hey, I’m not complaining. I like my free drink.

We walked a lot of places window shopping and all. It was overall an enjoyable day after not seeing each other for such a long time.

It’s time to get cracking on design! But before I can do that I need to do a lot more research and I shall be painting my nails now 😛


PS: For the “Overheard” section

I was on the bus and a man walked on coughing. I was very annoyed when he sat behind me on an empty bus, and he continued to cough. I don’t like it when people cough on public transport or in public areas. At least cover your mouth! He was loud on the phone and his tone in voice changed so often that it would make me feel uneasy.

Then some bus inspectors came on and asked us all to show them our tickets. The man in question presented a blue card. The inspector said “this was only enough to get you to the stop before the lights”. He told the inspector “I’m going to get off just that stop after the next light”. The inspector said, “but no, this card was only enough for you to get back there.”

He then proceeded to dip the ticket in again and followed the man off the bus and took down his details.

This was the first time I’ve ever heard an inspector actually asking where you were headed. He asked me that question. I found it curious because my ticket was not overridden – I think I could ride it all the way to uni without a problem, yet he still asked me. Very curious question indeed- especially since he knew he was getting off the bus to take down details anyway.



I noted this in the Seungri post that he had a dance off and then later corrected myself when I saw the videos posted under TOP love.

What happened basically was that the president chose 4 members of Big Bang and then he left out Seungri (or Maknae Seunghyun, because he has the same name as TOP) and Jan Hyunseung because he felt they were both lacking. While the president thought that Seungri’s dance skills were very good, he said that he was looking for a singer, not a dancer. Hyunseung was dropped because the president felt that his skills were just “passable” but nothing amazing.

So since the two guys got eliminated, the president also made a pact that they could have the very last chance to show him what they were made out of. Basically Hyunseung tried very hard to put facial expressions into his performance (something he tried very hard for), but Seungri was very smart in the respect that he sold himself to the president. Basically he said, I have an image of the younger brother of the group (actually I find it cool that both the youngest and oldest of Big Bang are both Seunghyuns), he has awesome dance skills (I was right, he was Taeyang’s teacher – so IN YOUR FACE! haha jk Seungri deserved to win that dance off >:\), and if you pick me I’ll try really hard and you won’t regret it.

Then he sang the most mind blowing rnb piece and the president simply said “I never knew you were this good at singing. You were dropped because we thought you lacked in the singing department”.

Even though the results were announced in an episode I have yet to watch, I think we all know the outcome since there are 5 people in Big Bang as it is now. I found it interesting and brave of Seungri. His creativity has surprised me pleasantly throughout and I’m starting to appreciate him more and more.

There was an episode (Seungri’s story) where the president tried to test out the choreography skills of Seungri in comparison to Jiyong (G-Dragon/ GD). The choreography that Seungri put together amazed me so much (and the other members too – they stared with their mouths open) I’ll post it up when I get free Internet 😉

And now my nails are beige. Off to sleep >D


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