Oh dear.

So yesterday I posted Taeyang’s video clip. I feel a bit sorry for him after watching this – he couldn’t get his vest on, his hat fell off and then somehow his pants got unzipped.

So yah.


Hopefully that video disappears off the face of the Internet one day! You’re still very very awesome and I still like the song and your dancing. FIGHTING!


2 thoughts on “Oh dear.

    • LOL turned on!
      I dunno, I was thinking, those kind pants are meant to be worn baggy and stuff, but last thing you need is a slippery zipper during a live performance. He was professional and put up with it till the end at least haha.

      Apparently there is a recent ( a week old ) article about Taeyang being “body and tone deaf before debut”. He put a lot of work into his dancing skills and stuff. *hails*

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