I couldn’t resist, so here’s the video clip.

After this clip I had gained a lot of respect for Taeyang with his singing and dancing skills. My friend is also very much in love with the girl in the video clip.

Anyway, there is a really long explanation for the lyrics in the song written in the notes on the Youtube video, and it roughly goes along the lines that this is the second song in the mini album – the whole album describes a couple being happy, suspecting cheating, breaking up and then getting back together, so this is the cheating part. It’s meant to be selfish – I have read through some of the comments left behind snubbing the lyrics, but I personally don’t find them a problem. Yes, it’s selfish, but they’re normal thoughts. You can’t seriously bash the song for having strange yet true lyrics.

Oh, and to count who she cheats with, first she cheats with G-Dragon (restaurant), Seung-ri (park and school), Daesung (train and hairdressers), and TOP (dinner party).

Hey, if I were her, I cheat with TOP too! But Taeyang is very charming in this clip.

I love the end where TOP looks over his shoulder back at Taeyang with the “I’m hawt and I have your girl sucker!” look. It was very punk 😛


Onto other news, remember this picture of TOP I posted in my very very first post ever relating to TOP?











Btw, I took a photo of my reflection obviously. I’ve flipped it so it’s like looking at me, like how you’re looking at TOP (so the hearts are in the right position, yo)

Much better now that the hearts are on the same side.

By the way, the one I’m wearing is the SPRING edition. The one TOP is wearing is the winter one, so there are a few differences – my one doesn’t have the text (I still have the text on my hoodie but not on the heart) and the winter one is thicker – the one I’m wearing is thinner.

EDITED: I visited the official website and took some screen captures. Here is TOP wearing the Spring version of the hoodie I got.



❤ TOP with dorky glasses! (well they are ulzzhang glasses :P)

Basically I was randomly online shopping because I was thinking “hey I want some Big Bang merchandise” – well actually, I was looking for the tshirt TOP was wearing in the Baskin Robbins CM because I saw it for sale a long time ago and thought nothing of it. I stumbled across this hoodie however and automatically recognised it from a cut off picture of TOP (the one above). I did a bit more research and found out that Big Bang actually made a whole bunch of commercials for the company (Nii QUALIFIED) and I exploded inside a little.

I checked out a legitimate website that shipped overseas but they were out of stock on the design (in fact, it was the last ever restock and it has now been removed from their website), and my last resort was Soompi. Literally, LITERALLY 4 other people were interested in this hoodie. There were originally 2 for sale, but one was already sold/ paid for, and there was just one left – last ever restock as well! Or I could have opted for the black version, but how could I resist the picture of TOP with his white hoodie and red heart??? 

I basically prowled on Soompi to confirm for it! And… I CONFIRMED FOR IT!

I paid a lot more than I had originally intended to, because I figured if I had waited for it to arrive in the mail without a tracking number, I’d lose the top and the money. Not a very good thought so I paid for express post.


I wish that I could go to Korea and buy it myself because the hoodie is about $50AUD (on the tag it says 49 000 Won which is about $46.10 if you’re super anal about currency conversions), which isn’t a lot to pay for such a good quality item. I paid much more than that, but I had no other choice. I buy it elsewhere I’m not guaranteed it’s the real thing, and there’s no guarantee if I buy it here. It’d probably be very expensive here in Australia as well. People pay up to $90 for a tshirt here, whereas this is a hoodie – so I’m not really complaining. I’m happy and I really like it. Just if I had gone to Korea myself I would have gotten more stuff 😛

The size I’m wearing is a XS – fits perfectly, not too tight and not loose. I love the feeling that I can fit into an Asian sized article that is a SMALL or less… usually when it’s Asian clothing, S means XS and XS really mean XXS.

ZOMGGGGGGG. I know it’s hot in Sydney, but once it’s the slightest bit cool, I’ll wear it to Uni! (Probably on a Wednesday since I finish at 6)

Oh and the heart has shiny bits on it… I don’t think I’ve fallen this much in love with a hoodie before! (probably because I haven’t spent as much as I have on this one)



EDIT: I didn’t buy the hoodie JUST cuz TOP wore it. I actually do like the hoodie >_> After looking at the photo of me and the photo of TOP it looked like some really really lame try hard attempt to have matching tops or something. NO! I just like the idea that I’m wearing something that even TOP liked promoting/ wearing and looks GOOD in. NONE of that creepy couple crap- Geez, I’m not the type to go creepy stalker – I know the limits D:
As a result of that I have shifted my photo WAY down so that the two photos do not read together as a set.


2 thoughts on “LOOK ONLY AT ME

  1. I think I’m in love with Taeyang’s dancing. I always love a man who can dance. 😉

    Well I think a girl cheating physically is like a guy cheating emotionally. And vice versa, because there are different values instilled in the opposite sexes. But that’s just me, not saying cheating is acceptable in any way, but just that they’re different.

    On another note, the hoodie looks fantastic! 😀

    • The dance was very sleek hehe. I dunno, I liked the clip how he begins dancing even from the very start. You don’t see clips using dance in a creative way like that these days… the only clip that comes to mind is Britney’s “womanizer” and that doesn’t leave a good feeling with me. Hmmm.

      Yeah, cheating isn’t good, but I think it’s inevitable. Everyone will have random thoughts, even if it was like ” I wish he/ she was more like ___someone else___ “.

      Thanks 😉

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