Just DROP it.

… I don’t mean subjects, by the way. Of the educational course kind.

So stalker who I ignored sent me a message asking if anything was wrong since I didn’t reply his two messages.

I replied honestly that I have been busy over the weekend with design and I have a whole bunch of other crap to attend to.

Seriously, I give him props for confronting me like that (because it’s something I admire and something I’d do if I were in his situation), but sometimes, just drop it. I’m not his bestie, and I really DO have a lot of things happening. I have a lot of stuff due in, and I don’t particularly live in the best work environment. There are always stupid arguments going on, me getting called, and then having me also being pulled into the argument unnecessarily and I lose my cool.

I don’t have the time to just mess around. If you can do it yourself, then do it yourself. I’m not here to do something for you that you can do yourself. YOU have time, I don’t. If it takes you slower/ longer than if it does for me, I don’t care – you have the time, USE IT.

This is why at the computer labs, I do not like opening the door for people. Half of them don’t even say thank you, and barge in like it’s their right to gain access into the labs.

No, there’s a swipe card system for a reason – so that ONLY people with a valid student card can get in. There are two doors – if this door doesn’t work, walk 20m and try the other one. Don’t be so lazy and knock hoping someone has to move just to let you in, that’s not how it’s supposed to work. What’s more, the swipe card system DOES work – some people swipe too fast or too slow – how about instead of madly swiping, slow down the pace and see if it lets you in before you start to knock, eh? It’s just common sense – why some people inconvenience others for the sake of their own convenience is truly amazing.

Oh, and today – there’s this girl in my class who really pissed me off.

I was sitting on a table (because tables are totally meant to be for sitting on) swinging my legs. Now, in this scenario (as it has happened before), a guy stopped and I stopped swinging to let him pass – I mean, it’s natural, isn’t it? We both just smiled it off – it’s not a big deal.

This girl BOMBS OUT OF NOWHERE and barges through. Of course I was like “omg I’m so sorry” (and said it very sincerely) since I kicked her, because I honestly didn’t see her coming at all. She didn’t say anything like “it’s okay” and just ignored me. Okay, you can ignore if you want, after all I did kick you. It’s a fact.

I was still sitting at the table (I’m first there, first come first served right?) and she sits on a chair nearby and she sits cross legged (one leg over the other) very very close to where my feet are.

And she keeps kicking my feet/ shoes every time she switches a leg – without saying sorry.

FFS, you can move your chair back a little you know? That way you can change your legs, I can swing mine, and you don’t have to keep on freaking kicking my shoes and not apologise. I was there FIRST! You cannot seriously expect me to move just because you chose to sit that close right? Even when I don’t swing my legs you kick me. WTF.

Please do not dirty my shoes with your gross bare feet.

I ended up kicking her a few times since I was absent mindedly swinging my legs again and these few times, I didn’t bother apologising.

Look, if I wanted to screw up your feet, all I have to do is just stomp on them. I don’t understand why people take these stupid risks – I have covered shoes!

Seriously, ladies and gentlemen, some people are just plain rude and have no concept of personal space. They invade other people’s spaces just for their own convenience and all I can say is that those kinds of people are selfish and self centred, and even moreso lazy. If she had just moved her chair back just maybe 15cm, a lot of this could have been avoided!

But nah, 15cm is too much effort.


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