I’m still around! post

I’m still around!

I haven’t posted for a few days out of sheer laziness and the sudden KABOOOOOOOOM of design work dropped onto me. In other words, we all got instructions on what was expected of us like, 3 days before it was due. That’s just really great to keep us up to date – but I dunno… I wish we had a bit more time.

Anyway, I’m excited – tomorrow I’m going to go take photos and stuff for design (and then photoshop them like mad when I get home) and make a few more massing models of the buildings around it that I haven’t done (going to go see them in real life before I make them – good idea huh?. I know I’ve lost whoever’s reading this already, but today our group met up to make a site model, and we divided it up into blocks. So we make the buildings on our assigned blocks – it’s actually harder than you think. But anyway, not hard I guess – time consuming perhaps.

Tomorrow I also get to go photoshooting! YAY!

I’m not really sure why I like photoshoots so much, but an obvious reason is because they are so fun =D We’re going to Cockatoo Island again so that’ll be great. I’m not too sure if I’m going to be modelling tomorrow, but I’ll bring along some stuff anyway just in case. I’ll most likely be sketching, drawing and what not while I’m there so I minimise the time used designing and use it on making the “products” if you like to see it that way. Not too sure how long I’ll stay for, but I’ll probably stay until we all eat a meal together. Not sure about karaoke, but that was the thing I sosososo wanted Dx We’ll see how long it takes and when I can get home – because I have a lot of design to do, but at the same time, I really want to go have some fun!

Just as a random snippet (I should write this in a 3 things post, but I’ll do it after Monday, probably), my friend and I went to Bondi Junction the other day and LV and Chanel were both open! FYI the LV at Bondi has more different styles and the new sequin monogram collection for sale! I swear, it wasn’t in the city! They also had some marine inspired belts and stuff from sought after collections. Chanel is also a bit neater – more price tags are attached for clear and easy viewing.

Okay, enough babbling on. I’m still alive – that was the point of this post!

*thumbs up*


One thought on “I’m still around! post

  1. Yay! 🙂

    I’m glad you’re still around, hehe, cause I barely am.. I know, already eh. 😦

    But happy happy, retail therapy is the greatest of all. I bought a new dress yesterday and I’m still on a high from that. 😀 Of course, LV and Chanel are on a much grander scale, which I’ve yet to indulge in.

    Sounds like you’re having heaps of fun 🙂 shoots, ps and modelling 😀 awesome.

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