3 things 25-8-09

3 things that made me unhappy/ megafacepalm:

– I’m not gonna dine at IC Thai. Ever again.
Their food is REALLY gross. Even with a lunch special, it’s still gross.
I was eating my noodles and while they were a bit too soft, it was okay.
When I got out though, suddenly I could taste/ feel the sensation of unfresh fish taste/ smell in my mouth. And I didn’t even eat fish – so it was really really gross.
Argh. DO NOT GO!

– Awkward.
So there was like a group discussion thing going on and twice – twice – the tutor was like to us sort of “did you guys want to say something now” – but never really explicitly said it, so we just gave each other confused looks and ignored him well, “ignore” – and argh. AWKWARD.
It was so unclear ;-; Dude I’m gonna sit at the back from now on. D:

– Nyah nyah nyah nothing to add.

3 things that made me happy:

– Environment tutorial went well

– Patted the cute cat downstairs as I got home – always wanted to do it heheh it has a prickly head :\

– Nyah nyah nyah

2 vs 2.

I promise, a better post in the days to come!


One thought on “3 things 25-8-09

  1. LOL.

    DayS to come, I see you’ve already given yourself some time before you actually commit to writing a better (well, longer) post 😛

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