3 things 21-8-09

3 things that made me unhappy:

– Heavy heavy books and lack of journals.
I went to the library to return my books and start working on my presentation in about a month or so. But anyway I went with a list of journals and managed to find pretty much nothing on one of my buildings because the journals happened to be missing for some reason. I’m not sure if that’s enough of an alarm bell for me to pick another building, but I’ll see if those turn up any time soon. If not, that’ll suck. The journals I did find however were so so so so heavy. Argh.

– Creepy dude standing too close to me while I was scanning.
I’m exaggerating a little bit here, because he wasn’t creepy, but he did stand literally 50cm away from me and within the corner of my eye while I was scanning. Not only was it uncomfortable it made me sweat like mad he probably was close enough to see the water pouring out. No seriously, dude, I know you’re new here and stuff, but I’m sure there must be a common standard for like, personal space – please stand behind others next time. I didn’t really mind it, but it made me very uncomfortable.

– The pho place An-An at World Square (replacing the ZOZO cafe) is really awful LOL
The portions are tiny (even if it’s small it doesn’t mean that paying $9 means you literally get half a normal rice bowl of pho – it means that the pho bowl should be smaller and filled, or large and half filled). The soup wasn’t great. There wasn’t enough meat. Just, whatever.

BONUS: They moved SYTYCD US to 10:40pm! WHAT?! I am NOT gonna stay up that late to watch it. There it goes :\ I’ll just have to youtube or something if I’m desperate – sigh.

3 things that made me happy:

– I helped out that scanning dude scan his stuff.
I’m not THAT mean okay – so what happened was he was an international student and didn’t even know which faculty he really belonged to, so couldn’t get the benefit of free scanning. He told me that scanning outside of uni was like $1 per page (shocking much) whereas at uni it was only 4c. I basically let him email his document to himself first so he didn’t have to wait. See, I am a good samaritan!

– Seeing AH for the first time in ages.
I was literally at the door when I got a message from AH asking if I was free and luckily, and indeed luckily, the bus came straight away and I was off to uni, did all my scanning and the only “rush” I had was getting to the city because it took forever for a bus to come.

– I splurged.
I got the earrings I was lemming for a few months >.< Oh dear. Well, they are worth it though I think. Should have tried on the larger ones (dayum) but in a way if I got the larger ones, means that I’d spend even more and it’s something not so necessary. I could use that money I saved on other things like food and stuff.

BONUS: “Never been kissed” was a really sweet movie lol. Am I turning sappy or what :\


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