3 things 19-8-09

3 things that made me unhappy:

– The only thing that is making me unhappy is that fact that it’s 1:13am right now as I’m typing this.
The good thing is that I have a day off tomorrow so I get my sleep.
The only thing that remotely irritated me was that it took a while for me to do the submission. It was a group submission and I decided to take upon the challenge and do it on my own – just some formatting, typing and generally checking over the order (which I had to shuffle quite a lot). It wouldn’t have taken half as long if I had the files much earlier. I got the files at about 10:30pm and started to work from then on. It’s not really that peevy, just I think probably could be avoided.

– I was very sleepy today.
I was in 2 lectures – and I felt myself nodding off in both of them. I really don’t like being rude like that, but I guess I’m just really tired.
As a result of being tired I forgot to read the actual msn conversations I had – so I probably glossed over some important information. The best part? I close windows after a while when they’re inactive, and I don’t log my conversations. Great… -_-

– Squishy sofas were taken over.
This is an engineering building thing… we like to sit on their sofas.

3 things that made me happy:

– Eating lunch in the city at Ramenkan.
Okay Ramenkan isn’t the best or whatever, but it was just nice strolling around in the city you know?

– Sitting at the oval for a while.
It’s good to get vitamin D.

– Shiseido really rocks.
I’m using the SUPER MILD stuff and it’s supposed to make your hair stronger and less prone to breakage. It feels really nice and soft! It works and that’s all that matters.


I’m really tired. I slept at 2:36am the other night and now it’s going to be 1:18am. Fun fun fun.

And a random snippet – I’ve decided to buy those earrings I’ve been lemming. Unfortunately I haven’t been a good girl lately in my own opinion, so I might wait it out a little while (but I will get them before Christmas – to beat the Christmas rush and all).

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