Random (ad)vent(ure)

“If you’re not going to continue the conversation or say anything substantial, don’t talk to me”.

This random vent is based on the above saying.

I think it’s fairly self explanatory, but I guess I’ll put it into a little more context.

I hate it when people start talking to me on something called MSN, asking me something, to probe something out of me, to talk to me because they are bored, to have an excuses to type something into a box, when they do not intend to say anything empathetic, genuine, or continue the conversation.

Seriously, if you’re going to waste your time, that’s your own business. Don’t freaking waste my time.

This particularly pisses me off when I am in a very very down or bad mood, and people who knowingly know that I’m in a bad mood will ask me things just to confirm that I am indeed in a bad mood, and never continue the conversation.

Does it satisfy you that you know that I’m in a bad mood?

Is that just so damn good that you feel utterly pleasured by it? Honestly, if you’re not even going to extend at least some sort of motivational statement like “I hope you feel better” or something along those lines, then you might as well just not even start the conversation. It’s rude firstly, and secondly it’s just bad etiquette (I know I repeated myself, but I don’t really care).

You don’t genuinely care, so why bother asking? Just to satisfy your hungry desire to leech onto something to satisfy your sadism? Shame on you, because it means that you’re so small and little. I don’t do that kind of retarded thing to you, please don’t do it to me. My time is more precious than yours, simply because it’s my time. I don’t care how selfish it sounds, it’s true. And when I am selfless, it doesn’t mean I’ll use my time to answer your stupid questions or type in your little convo box knowing that I wouldn’t even ever get a reply.

If you don’t intend to continue the conversation, don’t freaking start it.

Simple as that.


2 thoughts on “Random (ad)vent(ure)

  1. People like that really suck and you shouldn’t let them get to you like that, otherwise they’ve won.

    Know that there are people out there who genuinely care about you 🙂

    • Haha I just discovered the “reply” function!

      Well, it didn’t really get to me that much. It was always just a thing that annoyed me and something I never really understood. I guess a random rant on it wouldn’t hurt 😉 There are always wonderful people out there, you being an examplar, of course ❤

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