It’s not all about shiny and pretty things in life.

I would like to mention that although just judging from my posts I seem possibly snobbish, difficult and extremely superficial, there are times when I’m not really all surface. I do have a  third dimension.

I am privileged in comparison to many other people in life. I make stupid mistakes. I don’t understand my method of choice making.

I simply do not understand.

How much are relationships and memories really worth? Why do some people take these things for granted? Are the good times really that worthless? Why and how can people be so cruel? What have I ever done to you? And think about it, what have you done for me?

These are questions that keep on spinning around. It’s not leaving a good feeling at all.

I’m very tired physically and mentally. I haven’t properly vented out my stress for several months. Even though work has only started, I need a little time for a small break.

Just a little break, so I can get through the next day and day after.

2 thoughts on “It’s not all about shiny and pretty things in life.

  1. It’s never good to think too much about things and question every detail down to a tee.

    But I will answer your questions in my own little way – they’re priceless experiences; they were neglected as kids; worthless? never, unless you don’t treasure them anymore; again, they were neglected as kids, so that’s the only way they know how to treat others.

    The last two questions, I think you know much better than anyone else.

  2. I guess you’re right. There’s no other real explanation except for the fact that some people happened to be brought up with good manners, and others without. It’s quite clear so far that this person doesn’t understand anything remotely to do with social interaction (in the way we were brought up anyway, with Asian parents and all – cultural shift, maybe?). Maybe I am offended because I don’t think it’s right, but he doesn’t see a problem with it. Either way, it leaves him as an insensitive jerk, and that conclusion is good enough for me.

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