3 things 16-8-09

3 things that made me unhappy:

– Having to hand in my assignment slightly late.
I was over the deadline a bit, and it took forever to upload. I mean, 125MB isn’t exactly small (especially when upload speeds are snail paced in comparison to download speeds). I’m glad it’s over, but it was a really tedious task. If I knew that it would have taken me half as long, I would have rather stayed up all night to finish it off in the wee hours of the morning instead.
The biggest problem was that although they said that this year was special (or this semester, rather) because we have a tutor who is specialised in doing these assignments (he wrote up a very nice looking pdf tutorial on how to actually do the exercise – with a few spelling errors 😡 Sorry, I’m so pedantic about these things especially when it’s those teeny weeny spelling errors – and yes I’m a hypocrite cuz I cn speel lyk dis sumtimes lawl). The bad thing is how much confusion there is.
You know, downloading the tutor’s sample work and then looking at the other sample work is like… probably 2 different worlds? I haven’t looked at other samples, but I remember them looking pretty shoddy. Mr Tutor has taken his time and liberty formatting all these search results (hint: hit tab tab tab tab tab and try doing that for about 90 pages) and even searched up the records for the books that weren’t even relevant to his building!
I thought to myself, wow, that’s like, amazing! (and yes, I did attempt to format everything. I even made sure that all my scans of images were perfectly straight – of course, with awesome photoshop skills – I even checked if the lines were perfectly 180 degrees by drawing boxes under the line drawings making sure the lines were parallel, and even made sure the backgrounds were white with clearly legible lines – I don’t want to sound cocky, but if there is any submission with good scans, it’d probably be mine!)
But then it was like, but wait, this is after all an examplar, and, he only had about 9 pages of book results generated from 4 different libraries anyway.
Guess how many pages your lovely blog poster had to edit?
That’s right: 90 pages of book results.
Harvard University alone generated about 136 results for me, of which about 5 were irrelevant.

That was outright outrageous and there was no way I could have finished it on time. In fact, it was a miracle that I handed it in less than 1.5 hours past the due time, considering you know how fast I actually type and process things in my brain. It was simply ridiculous, really.

Anyway, hopefully it’s better for my other exercise (because the building I’ve chosen may have more pictures, but far less search results) so I should be able to get that done and under control by Tuesday 5pm.

And not to have any nitpicky things about the actual assignment tutorial, but I found it really hard to save the citations. The Harvard link on the tutorial was to the new database (which by the way, hasn’t been set up with RefWorks, nor does it allow you to “Select all” so you have to manually select one by one, just to find out that it hasn’t been hooked up to RefWorks yet – or anything with a full citation), and I found it ridiculously hard to even get the USYD or UTS records. Luckily for me, RefWorks saved my life with the UTS records and even formatted it in table format and it made things so much quicker and easier. But anyway, the tutorial and sample work was great, but I think you definitely need more than 3 days to finish this exercise. I for one, did NOT start this assignment last minute. Sigh?

– Wow, ^that was a really long unhappy. But another would be doing so much work.
I’ve been working on a mini design “presentation” because she asked for it a few days ago. It took a while to get things going but it’s all under control. I’m just worried that it’s not enough, though her email didn’t really specify how many pages. *fingers crossed* – I really put a lot of thought into these very few pages – ❤

– And that’s about it.

3 things that made me happy:

– Nothing really. My plans and day has been spoiled with this assignment and stressing over how much work I had to do. I’m just thankful that I didn’t have to copy each individual file/ citation into my document and managed to somehow save everything onto a list to copy.

I’ll be back again on Tuesday night. I really need to get working. It’s 12:28am and I have a 9am start plus it will be a long night of group discussion about Tuesday’s presentation. I’m worried about the archive exercise, and hopefully, I will get some sleep on Monday night.


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