Louis Vuitton and Mister Minit

So, today was the first time buying from LV. We went to the Castlereagh Street branch and the staff were very friendly and patient. I recommend this branch unless you really want something that is only available elsewhere.

Anyway, I never thought that I’d end up with this bag, but I quite like it. The size is about right and the canvas on the outside is actually really soft and squishy. I’m not too sure if I’m looking forward to the handles changing colour, but I might just condition it with some leather conditioner later tonight. I really like their boxes, too!  Their boxes are really sturdy and smart.

As for the belt, I went all over the place to find a place that did shoe repairs and the local one had closed down due to the owners going into retirement.

I went to Mister Minit, and the guy there was very nice to punch holes into my belt for free.

So, have shoes you’d like to fix, need holes punched into your belt or need to cut a spare key? Or maybe your watch battery needs replacing? I recommend Mister Minit, Royal Randwick Plaza.

I figured it’d be easier to just post here (and whatever google happens to turn up for random googlers) rather than trying to spread the word, but he was very kind and very fast. Next time I need a key, I’m going back there!

So now I’m officially quite a happy girl. My pants don’t fall down anymore (this is quite funny because I thought wearing a belt wouldn’t really keep the pants up unless the pants were like a completely different size, but I guess it works even for the smallest differences), and I have a new bag I’m looking forward to use. I think it’s the perfect size for my mum to use as well, so that’s even better. FYI, I’m still looking for the small Gucci side bag (LV has a similar looking one, but I like the look of the Gucci one a little more) for my mum. She likes wearing a small bag on a very long strap enough to carry a wallet and maybe some letters when she’s out and about.

I’ve given up on the Trevi (even if it’s the GM) – enquired about the price, and it definitely was out of my range – only moreso because the PM can’t fit A4 due to the top 2 corners being cut off. Such is life. I could still get the Trevi PM if I didn’t carry around an A4 folder I guess. But for the meantime I’m quite happy with my bag and I’m surprised that it sat quite comfortably in my price range. (As a comparative gesture, a similar sized Gucci with no waterproof qualities and no zipper closure – only snap lock – though they have an internal zipped compartment – with a few ornaments is about $150 more than the one I got today. Which isn’t all that bad, because this bag has what I wanted – a secure zipped closure and long straps)

I could post photos and do the whole photo spam thing, but I don’t think I’m interested, and I doubt anyone reading this would be quite interested in seeing the boxes or shopping bags on my bed.

Disclaimer: I was in no way paid or asked to write something good about Louis Vuitton (Castlereagh St) or Mister Minit Randwick. I just felt like it because they were helpful and stuff. So just for future reference for anyone, if you happen to feel like getting a nice bag, you know where to look. And of course, if you need your shoes repaired or something XD

So that was my “epic” (ad)venture today. I’ll be back with 3 things later tonight!


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