3 things 4-8-09

Apologies for the late post. I was tired and slept. Then I had uni from 9am till 6pm today.

3 things that made me unhappy:

– Asdfdsfasfasdadf. Some people are like wolves wearing sheepskin and I don’t like it.
Geeeeeeeez the attitude I get when I give people a little attitude. Actually I didn’t get any attitude, but that’s still an attitude (get it? Like… even if you ignore someone, it’s an attitude, right?). QUIT asking me questions when you have ignored me many times in the past. You’re lucky I’m even opening and closing my mouth with sound coming out! I could just ignore you, you know. And no, I’m not obliged to ask your redundant “I already know but I’ll ask you anyway” questions. Quit pretending to know nothing, and quit trying to keep that sheepskin on. It’s already evident that the sheepskin has already been torn off and people can see it. You’re not a fuzzy cute little sheep, never were, never will be, so stop trying to act that way. It’s disgusting.

– Too much work.
I was originally planning all sorts of awesome things like a short little shopping trip, or like catching up with people! But no, I’m going to be back at uni to do work, and I think possibly, we are overthinking this exercise. Hopefully we figure out something short and sweet.

– My fish ball noodle soup left me starving.
I don’t really think I need to describe it any more. But damn, if I keep eating at this rate, I will explode.

3 things that made me happy:

– Giving attitude to people who can’t really give attitude back.
Because giving attitude to people who can’t give attitude back means that I can continue to  give attitude without getting any attitude back. Nuff said, nuff confusion.

– Getting the first preference of my archive exercise.
YAY. Sounds petty, but it’s kinda nice to know that once in a while you get your first preference, right?

– Chillax, TV, and a weird dream.
I’m not going to elaborate. Friends only.


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