Schools should ban attractive, young teachers to educate their students.

I don’t care if I’m being irrational, but they are a freaking distraction to the class!

A young, relatively attractive teacher or tutor IMO is not appropriate.

(1) You get distracted. Cuz you can’t stop looking at them.
(2) You pass them off as your fellow student, because they look the same age as you.
(3) You find out that they are in fact a tutor, and probably is the same age as you, if not slightly older. For slightly older students, you may be the same age if not older than the tutor.
(4) You find out that they will also not only be tutoring your class once a week, but twice a week.
(5) You realise in this instance that this semester will not be a good one, hence FML – or in third person, FYL.

Not cool.

It’ll wear off me a while, but it really annoys me that the tutors or whatever seem to always be so awesome. What crappy luck!

Of course I’m not one of those highly obsessed people, I’m just a little surprised, but I’ll get over it. But for those who are obsessed:

(6) Adding them to Facebook or MSN is NOT a good idea.
(7) Asking for phone numbers is definitely not good.
(8) Don’t dare ask for private tuition or questions in private in relation to an assignment.
(9) Don’t stare.
(10) Don’t ask them out – you will fail – in more than one way – unless they like you. HAHA.

Anyway, this was just a random post. FUN!

But seriously, stop hiring young attractive fresh graduates as tutors. STOPPIIIIIIIIT.

Disclaimer: this post was written in humour only. I don’t really mean to stop hiring graduates just because they are young and possibly attractive. Cuz if that’s the case, I wouldn’t be able to get a job when I graduate :O HAHAHA that was written in humour too… ha… ha… 😦


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