3 things 3-8-09

I know it’s quite early (in fact it’s only 6:33pm), but I figured nothing else life changing will happen in the next 5.5 hours of today, so might as well get on with it.

3 things that made me unhappy:

– Seeing those letters put together to spell your name makes my stomach churn.
That’s right. I don’t want to see those letters put together to spell your name, and when I see it, I feel sick. I don’t even know how to put it nicely or how to even describe it. I just want to wipe you out like how Dettol wipes out 99.9% of germs, only I can wipe it out 100%.

– Realising how unfit I am.
I walked home – my legs are like jelly. I tried to do some lame movements to mimic a dance, my legs are like jelly.
Oh, note that I wasn’t this unfit. I only turned this unfit recently with the whole string of colds I had. Otherwise, before that, I was fit-ish but I was trying to do extra and lose weight (okay, you know I meant mass, but who cares).

– Seeing those letters – oh wait, I already wrote about it.

3 things that made me happy:

 – Seeing those letters spell out your name, and it means my wait is officially over.
My theory is that if I wipe you out with Dettol and Pine-O-Cleen, I can wipe you out 99.9% of the 0.1% of germs left behind and continually doing so until you almost don’t really exist.
Or nuke it.
Either way, there was a lot of tension for me, mentally. I know most people reading this wouldn’t have a clue about what on earth I’m going on about cept for the fact that I like to make weird comparisons using household detergents, but you’ll just have to deal with the weird analogies. Sorry.
A lot of anticipation built up inside me. Because mentally, I hadn’t hit “the end”. You know at the end of a drama series, when you’ve watched like 20 episodes, and suddenly you come to an ending that you start to ask yourself questions? Or a bit like the end of “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”, you get to the end and go “what the heck, does she die or survive??” and the sequel NEVER EVER CAME OUT?
It was like that to me. But now, I can rest at ease. I don’t need to wait any longer – mentally. Feels like a huge burden has been lifted away.

– The Super Junior Sorry Sorry MV and the mychonny (well okay, yourchonny) parody of it!
For those who didn’t really get the humour of it or thought it was lame, it was funny because he puffed out his cheeks to mock one of the guys who happened to be a little chubbier than the others, and the scene where he walks down the corridor and falls – that was actually in response to the 3 panel movie thing where the guy walks away from the screen leaving the other one behind. Anyway, it was awesome. Of course there were some lame bits, but hey, it was overall really funny. You just have to alternate watching between this one and that and you’ll probably agree it is quite funny. And LOL at the guy who doesn’t really look at the screen. Oh dear.

– Design has been figured out.
I’m so GLAD that we figured it out. Now that it seems that things are much more simpler, I’m going to go and do some research probably on Wednesday or on Thursday for it and WOOHOO. We’ll be set 🙂

And thanks for the yummy cake today 🙂
(We have a class thing where someone brings in a cake each week)

Hmmm actually I wouldn’t be at home so early if I had chosen to go and watch a movie/ sing K. But I thought coming home was more appropriate – I’m not exactly in the mood for going out at this stage. Things are improving and I’m glad. But yeah, sorry to the “gang” (obviously not literally). I kind of just left and went home without saying bye >_> It was because I saw a string of letters spell something I didn’t like and immediately felt even crappier than I originally did. So I went home. But it’s all good, because it’s better that way anyway.

And for the ones who do come across this blog and know me, I’m free on Monday afternoons after 2pm, and I have Thursdays and Fridays off. If anyone wants to meet up,  let me know about your timetables, so I can give you a call or something. Usually I’m hesitant contacting people if they’re free because I don’t want to call during a lecture or class. So yeah! I could SO DO with Monday afternoons. We don’t really have lunch during studios and by then I’m hungry and walk home to eat (way past lunch time).


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