Taegoon 태군 – Dance “battle”

I have a secret crush on Wheesung, but also on Taegoon.

Taegoon is not really new to the showbiz scene – apparently he always managed to make it to the finals of auditions but never really managed to score/ solidify the deals. Suddenly out of nowhere last year, he released his first mini album with the hit “Call Me” (hell yeah I’d call you if I had your number) and later another mini album, “Rising Star”, in it which contains my uber favourite song by him on repeat, “네까짓게”, which had input from none other than the talented Wheesung! In fact I’ve listened to “네까짓게” so many times I probably can sing the entire chorus and meaningless bits and pieces. It’s an intense song, that one! I’m waiting for the MV to come out.

Anyway, there are 2 things I really like about Taegoon, and it’s not 100% his music (his first mini album consisted of a bunch of “hey that sounds familiar” covers in Korean and all his songs are good okay, ALL OF THEM) but there are two things:

1. He can dance.
OH BOY CAN HE DANCE. I’ve seen him freestyle and he can sure DANCE.

2. He has a lovely smile very similar to Wheesung’s wide mouthed brilliant pearly white straight teeth smile.


Wheesung killer image - linked to source

Taegoon killer smile - linked to source



So I was waiting for the MV (occasionally I will type in “Taegoon” into Youtube hoping that something would turn up) but instead I decided to watch this clip.

Taegoon, hands down. If you listen carefully, from the moment he was in the video, listen to the audience watching and their cheers: Their cheers go “Taegoon, Taegoon, Taegoon!”

The Chung Lim guy can’t really dance (pretty awful solo if you ask me), but damn, he is fit o_o LOOK AT THOSE ARMS.

Otherwise, Taegoon ❤


One thought on “Taegoon 태군 – Dance “battle”

  1. I don’t understand why my first two comments on your last two posts didn’t show up ><.. maybe it thought I wasn't logged in and hence needed approval..

    All I can say is LOL at you and you pretty boys. I have to admit, they are pretty drool-worthy ;P

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